Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Soul Poems of Me


Life. Life force. Water. Flow.

Moving here, there, to and fro.

Taking lesson from Mother Earth.

New beginnings, beginning to birth.

Reflection. Perception.

Things moving through the hands of time.

Perception. Reflection.

Understanding, mine.

Moving through the milky way.

Traveling through this time.

Time but an illusion, created in the mind.

Seasons, change.

Energy. A cosmic flow.

Water flows through every thing below.

A graceful movement.

Whimsical dance.

Feeling the beat of life’s trance.

A new dawn. My feet feel the groove.

I come alive. I flow, I move.

Life. Life Force. Water. Flow.

Now is our time.

Ready, set, GO!

A poem inspired by my reading tonight.

I will leave you with how magical life’s messages can really be. I just recently got muladhara tattooed on my body (root chakra). Robin is heavily with me right now. Following me every where I go. The robin correlates to the kundalini which is connected to the root chakra!

 I have a deep connection to the feathered of this realm. I love all species and the medicine they offer but birds,  have a special place with in my soul. For this time in my life it is more then perfect the message it brings. All my spirit guides are always rather on point. No surprise to me, source is pretty awesome indeed. I always tell people that when looking up their spirit guides message go with the first site or page you feel compelled to read. If it resonates with you, this is the proper message for you. There are many interpretations out there. We have to feel with in what is true for our selves.  The site I am sharing, shamanic journey has some of my favorite explanations of the animals medicine. Life is a magical ride. I am so happy I chose to be a part of this existence. Here and now.  If interested below is what robin had for me. Thank you robin, source, and all who guide me along my way.

Namaste~ Shanda K




One thought on “Flow

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