A slice of me!



Snapped this picture while visiting my parents in Florida. Bring pretzels and a camera. Fun for hours! Love the birds focus on the food, it is a site to see. 

There comes a time in every persons life, when they must focus on what is best for them selves. A time when we must silence the voices and opinions of others.  If  we walk through our path, to the beat of others opinions, are we walking our path? Or walking theirs?

I sit here waiting for the words to flow through me. Yet I have no focus!…Focus, breathe, listen…

I must admit I have not been truly walking my path. So much I keep contained inside, afraid of what the outside world will think. Even more, what will my family think? I, for many years have said, “who cares”, but I care because they are family,right? Now I see, I see that I can still care but I have to let go. They are off living their life. Am I living mine?Yes, and NO.  I have learned that people will move through our lives. They all hold purpose, lessons, and memories. But, they should never dictate the steps we take. I have struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Worrying about the acceptance of my family.

I have memories from a very young age, ages 2-5,  I remember thinking to myself, many times, “I cannot tell them, they would not understand”, it seems I started young, creating this world of hiding who I truly was. That too held great purpose in my life. No doubt about that. I would not have been ready to stand firm in who I was, if I boldly lived up to it then. I would have no one to relate, no like minded people in my life at the time. I see now it would have been more miserable than I ever dreamed of it being. If I spoke up then, about who I really was. What I had inside. Versus now, when I have experienced things to help me see, understand. It also prepared me for the culture shock that awaited. (Being ripped from home in the middle of the night Maui, Hawaii and moved to Marshfield, Mo. as the first “half breed” that they so politely described me, to move to town.”  culture shock, is the best description I will give. No need to delve further. It is home now and I have learned the lessons it too, taught me. For that I thank this part of my path.

It’s rather amazing, to sit back when you hit a point of transformation and see your life unfold before you with the true meaning behind every F&*#$ed-up situation you ever encountered. The divine plan played like a recording for me to see all the things I gained from my weakest moments. There divine purpose in my life. How and why I created them.

Focus, Breathe, Listen…

Much of my focus lately has been toward connecting. Rooting back to source, nature, and the things that matter in life. Being HERE, NOW, to EXPERIENCE! I analyze too much, learning to drop this habit, and just be. Fear based thinking is a thing of the past. When it peaks its nasty head, I quickly center myself , regain control. My EGO has purpose, but it has lived here long enough. I am ready to share the real, authentic me. The vibrant being of light, connected to the cosmos, just like all of you. Awakening, ascending, and always climbing with like minded souls. It is time to get out and meet people, every where!

The pages before you are getting a whole new focus. Living up to my motto: “Living life is easy if you live life FREE!”. I have been missing the key factor to this, FREE, no more holding back what I have to say for fear of what a passerby-er will think. What my EGO thinks! I can assure myself regardless of the opinions that differ, I am ready to be free!!

I feel fortunate at 28 years young I have been able to tap in to the great world around us. I have learned that we truly do create the worlds we live in. Not partially but entirely. Every thought, every vibration, becomes something in our existence. So, I must remind myself that my continuing worry of acceptance, only ensues that I will get  that in which I worry about. I will at least continue to feel unaccepted, mostly because I have not accepted myself.  I see, that I create the fear in my mind, that I can no longer live to be accepted, I must just live to be true to me. Entirely.

I am ready to stand a part from the crowd….

Focus, breathe, listen…

From a very young age I carried this huge weight of feeling doomed to be different. I could not see then that it was making me stronger. I was becoming some one who would have so much to relate to people that when I hit the point of tapping into my true self, I could then really help. Source and myself were creating the necessary things in my life to make me who I am today. I am different! I also did not “own”  it as a babe, like I do now. What is different any how?

We are all different. But for sake of discussion, I am most definitely eccentric, vibrant, unique, one of a kind. You are too! I can never be you, or you, me, or us, her, or him, she.  That is the beauty of it all.

My guides urge me now to focus on only that which I desire. I have far too much to achieve to worry about people who have never really been around. I long for something I never had in the first place. This is the biggest reason I long for that acceptance, my EGO says, “well I deserve it too”, perhaps, but NEED it, no.  I love them still. I know they love me. We just view this existence differently. We came here to achieve different things. They walk their path, I must walk mine.

Focus, Breathe, Listen…

No longer will I hide my authentic self from the world. I often admire the “quirky”.You know the ones, the “really odd” ones, not because of what they do, or their elaborate costumes and characters, but because they are really being who they choose to be. It is rather intoxicating. It is FREEING!

I stare in admiration, my soul comes alive. Ready to mingle. Ready to Fly!

Every moment in our life forms, molds, grows us to who we will become. I thank source for them all. Especially the moments when I would curse the heavens and ask to leave this place. Those moments, the moments we fear most, made me the beautiful divine being I am. Life is a divine perfect process. There have been countless times where I did not understand why I had to experience life in the way I was. But, here, here in this moment, I can assure all of my loves if you drop your guard, and live your life flowing with love, you will see. You will not have to wait years or travel many tribulations to learn. The messages will be clear before things get too out of control. You will be open to the lesson(s) that wait. Rather fighting it, keeping life at bay. Let it flow. Let life move. Learn from the moments  that test us most, and let go. Move beyond the situation having watered your roots, now giving you the life force energy to GROW!

Focus, Breathe, Listen…

I am working on speaking my truth always. Focusing on life and all its beauty. It hasn’t been all bad either. Those weakest moments really were but a fraction of my entire existence. The years I created the separation where very real, but the dramatizations of  a babe, were small in the big  scheme of this journey called life. Life is Good!!


Peace, Love & Happy Travels fellow beings of light. This is more true than many know. There are as many atoms in our DNA as there are stars in our universe! That is a pretty magnificent thing. Same goes for every living thing on Earth. And although we all are the same, no two things have the same DNA, unless twins, etc. WHOA! Mind Blown!


Focus, Breathe, Listen…



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