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Sharing my FB post for today….

“You cannot begin the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last.”

There will always be twist, turns, hurdles, and obstacles to face…it is how we react to these situations that our colors are shown, our spirits tested. It is part of the fun, the experience, the ride. Life would be mundane to say the least if we all were made to walk the same paths.

Re-playing situations, thinking “what if” there were a better way,what good does it do? Why try to control the uncontrollable? Our past form us. Mold us into the human beings we call out to be. Every moment of our days propel us toward our source given destiny. Whether we like it or not. However, when we fight this urge to go towards the flow of destiny, then “bumbs & hiccups” will ensue!

Do you feel as if no matter what you do, you are not getting there? At times do you feel the world is after you?!

Question is, are you carrying the God given vibration? The vibration of love. The vibration that matches that in which you seek?

Matthew 21:22 “Ask and you shall receive”

As humans we can all agree that we have free will. Knowing this and believing that source speaks truth, be careful what you “wish for” (speak), can be hard to fully grasp. If all the people on the face of this Earth are children of God, he has a lot of kids to take care of! So remember he simply gives what you speak. He has no time to decipher if this is REALLY what you want.

Let me change that, he has the time, but he has given us the will to chose for ourselves! So he listens, then gives!

He never said he would waiver our words, chose them for us, force us to think thoughts of that in which we truly want to create. So, if you constantly think, I am in debt, I am always behind, my life is going no where….fill in the negative thought here…you are asking for this! This is the vibration in which source is matching!!

Are your thoughts, your words that you speak daily, really what you want to project out to be sent back to you?!

It can be hard to grasp and admit that we are creating the crud in our lives. But he gives us the power to create all we desire! I’ll stress it again, he is listening! Are you?

Just think how much our human existence would change if humans stopped blaming someone else for their problems! On the global level & personal level. If every human took responsibility for the creations in their own life! If we all 100% grasped that we create our realities, FULLY! The Good, the bad, & the ugly!

Where could we be?!

YES I asked for all the “crap” that was dealt to me in my life thus far!! The better way to look at this is that my soul asked to learn something, to experience something, so life’s lessons presented themselves in unlikable forms simply because my attitude was not always in the right place. My stubborn ego had to learn the “hard way”.

Most often our EGO’s (Edging God Out) get in the way so much that we have to hit “rock bottom” before we will SEE and rise to our true beings! I would be half the spiritual healer/holistic wellness coach today if I had not gone through the tribulations/LESSONS I had in my younger years! The rough times in my life have helped me to better understand those who seek my help. Every moment that I once saw as a “weak point” in my life formed me to this strong empowered women I now see. I now am!

Those moments in my life taught me the compassion I would need in my line of work. Showed me the understanding of: you never know what someone is going through, what they are dealing with, how they feel inside. I once, filled with hate, over people not understanding me for things I could not share. I once blamed all of them for picking on me. For being so mean. Yet, I never spoke! I just retaliated with mean! How better to learn that lesson then to be shown!! I appreciate now all the crap I went through, the horrible things I have seen & experienced.

Little did I know then I was forming myself to become someone who heals & understands. That it would be my line of work to help those I meet by loving them, by being someone who could listen to their stories and most of the time relate! That I would be a vessel of light, communicating between our world & the spirit world to help others find answers. To help those I meet find their connection to source so they too can communicate freely!

I needed those lessons to help get my very large EGO out of the way! To show me what are EGO’s do to us! Not only was I battling my own, but I felt it necessary to deal with everyone else’s too. I am still working on learning to let go of that in which I cannot change. That I cannot help everyone. Nor, does everyone want to be helped. I can’t help my Virgo brain thinks it can & must help EVERYONE! & has an opinion on EVERYTHING! LOL I am still working on that one!!

Which is why I remind myself of the opening quote…STOP rereading your existence. KNOW there was a lesson to be learned in the moments in your life that you tend to ask WHY?! REMEMBER that we push out into the universe that in which we desire! God does answer but we must MATCH the vibration of that in which we see. It is our WILL to CHANGE!

I simply guide people in a different direction. I have many stories in my bag of the night & day between living in the dark VS. The Light! I have LIVED it! I see source that now all I must do to succeed is share what I have learned. To love your children and help them find their ways to you. I am your vessel and I fully understand now what you ask of me. What is needed of me.

Thank you friends for reading. These are messages from my heart. There is so much negativity in our world right now that if my post can brighten even one persons day then it has done its purpose! I often explain myself as a “seed planter”, if I can plant a seed and give someone some different “food for thought”, I’ll take it! Well, it gives my heart a release & fills my soul with love…source reminds me…for this alone it has done its purpose. 😉
Peace, ❤ , & Happy Vibes…


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