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Honing In!

I had a reading done this weekend at the Natural Healing Arts fair. The messages that source & my guides had for me were things I needed to hear, again!

Daily I hear them. My Virgo self gets in the way. The gentleman who did my reading asked my sign, then proceeded to say,

“Any time I meet a Virgo I first tell them, take it easy on yourself”!

I laughed yet knew, I really did need to take a step back and see my worth. He explained to me that all the imperfections in my life are illusions we create. Which I understand. I know we create our realities.

He continued, “Everything God makes is perfection, there are no flaws in his plan. It is when we move against the flow of his plan, when we fight our God given abilities, that discomfort and illusions of imperfection are created with in our mind.”

Everything that was said to follow, showed me that if I can truly hone in on what is I am to be. What I am to do with my studio. My healing! That I would get what I seek down this path as long as I follow, do the work that is needed of me, GET OUT THERE, and quit adding things that will bring in income. It is distracting me from my God given talents. Talents that I need to master, practice by sharing, by helping, by LOVING! I am in a time of study. A time of work. A time of blessings. Loving what I do, there really is no “work” involved.

Thank you source, angels, & guides for speaking through to so many people so I can hear your message LOUD & CLEAR! Thank you for understanding my stubborn ways and giving me the quadruple confirmation that  what I hear is real! I now see that my connection is just as capable, as those I go to readings for. It is one of the things I am to do with my life. I need to be proud of this gift. There are people I need and that need me!

Somethings that I must hone in on: Finishing my Reiki study! Begin a steady yoga/meditation practice! Complete medicine bag. Finish my line of anointing oils, flower essence blends, and chakra essence blends. Drum daily!

I am beyond excited to incorporate my lessons with my children home schooling lessons. As a family daily meditation will be incorporated. I have been told to teach my kids all as I learn it. I am listening!! Giving my gratitude to the guides at hand. Thanking source for all I have. I see the work that must be done! I am prepared to do it!

It was a rainy day here in the Ozarks, my girls took advantage of it! How could I not teach these bright babies of mine all that I do!

My girls

Chatting away

Looking forward to this week! Looking forward to all my days to follow!

Peace, Love, & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


One thought on “Honing In!

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