Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

Writing to express

During my nightly reading a message came through to me, write to express, not to impress!


I guess I do write to impress more then I do for the purpose of releasing. It is hard for my Virgo mind to not over analyze everything I do. See the thing is although most people see me as being hard on others, and having very high expectations for people, ( I might add all realistic expectations) I have much, MUCH, higher “judgments” when it comes to self. After all it is one of Virgo’s biggest down falls. The doubt & over analyzing of self! Heck, of life!

However, although mouthy at times I must say if a Virgo is giving you advice or a message you may take note! LOL Not to toot my horn or anything. But it is true. I can’t help that most of the time I know things that individuals have probably not yet even figured out about themselves.

It’s amazing how perfect source is. To align the stars, our names, our journeys leaving clues & messages here for us to tap into all that we are meant to be! This one thought has been coming up in my reading a lot lately and it really has my brain spinning.

We are a speck of dust among-st trillions of others specks of dust, aka stars, with in the cosmos. We fly through space at a million miles an hour spinning on this imaginary axis that tilts us to perfection in the right direction. We dream of going to space as kids, they keep us side tracked with this. All the while we forget, wait a minute, we are in space!

Too easily we get side tracked in the “concrete jungle” life is so fast paced these days we forget to stop and appreciate the miracle life really is. We are particles of dust!… explained by science as amoeba’s who woke up one day and figured out how to become a multi-celled organism that knows how to regulate & control itself in its entirety. With a brain that can manifest & a heart that doesn’t always listen(Okay so that is not the whole story but you get the gist). WHAT?!!? Heck even if that were true I would say that is nothing short of a MIRACLE! If it makes scientist feel better to call source an amoeba instead, GREAT because well he is that too! *giggle*

As you see by my late night “expressing” my brain can easily wonder away into a new direction. Ultimately I fee the message I was being sent was to find the joy in life as a child does. Take time to just sit and appreciate the stars, the sky, the things that are here that we cannot control! Put DOWN the cell phones. Step away from the technical age we live in and absorb what source has to offer in his TRUE house! For the house of the lord has NO walls!!! Want to ascend closer to your higher self. Nature friends. Nature! Nature & stillness in life is key! In stillness you can hear source! Anyone can! Try it! Feel it! Live it!

I still love my modern luxuries but lets not lose sight of our roots while playing in this realm!

Have a beautiful weekend lovely’s. Over and out~ Shanda

Look Beyond 1


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