“The Man”

WOW! It amazes me the things I learn while on this path of awakening. Most of it magical. Some of it terrible!! It sets a fire with in my soul that those put in “charge” guide us so blindly into the dark. They double the veils on so many faces each and every day. 

Now, before I go any further with this little rant of mine, I would like to add & ensure my readers that…LIGHT WILL PREVAIL. We are in a HUGE transition right now, and MANY are being AWAKENED, each and every day. After all there is no darkness, only an absence of light.

Where was I? Oh yes, doubling the veils…

In my readings yesterday it seems that they, “The Man”, will never stop! They will push to do all they can to keep us disconnected from our higher selves. FLUORIDE! Why do I scream fluoride at you? I finally have found the readings that confirm to me the (WHY?) of why do they fluoridate drinking water in many towns. After learning that fluoride was a bi-product of mustard gas, created by the Nazi’s I was done with it! Now I know why… Simply, it calcifies our pineal gland which = keeps us disconnected! 

It enrages me that my community has just been told that we will have fluoride in our towns water to help with our water issue, that the town has had for several years. My family does NOT drink our towns water, it had many more problems even before the adding of fluoride. However, it still sickens me and makes me feel for the people of my home town. Yet, most agree, or do not disagree, either way…NO GOOD! 

I am so glad that I decided 7 years ago to stop poisoning my body in as many ways as I can. By no means am I perfect. Hey, I still drink every now and again. Ultimately, we have to be aware of the choices & then the consequences. All parents try to instill this very lesson into children. Yet when we grow older we seem to forget that. Or seem to not care because, well, we’re adults! Right? 

 Here is an article from natural news to help one understand my wild talk. 


From a spiritual stand point I already knew much about the pineal gland and what it does for us beyond our endocrine system. This article touches on all the areas both physiological & a tid bit of spiritual. In a sense this gland that stands alone in a pine cone’sh shape in the middle of our brain, connected to our eyes, taking in information, is our internal third-eye. It is the gland that scientist like to give credit for the explanation of clairvoyance. “How we see with out seeing”. They could never admit spirit is in our midst. Hey, they are trying. They cannot help that they believe “their” lies. That they have been drinking the water! 

Now, regardless of all of this above, I would like to add this: Pay special note to that tiny portion in the article. The LIGHT of it all…

Good news though. Frequent exposure to outdoor sunshine, 20 minutes or so at a time, will help stimulate a fluoride calcified pineal gland. Just make sure you take off your hat. This is more important than most realize, because the pineal gland affects so much other enzyme and endocrine activity, including melatonin production.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/026364_fluoride_pineal_gland_sodium.html#ixzz2X9DLkwJp

Hmmm…now what was my last entry about…SUN GAZING! Ending with this.

Coincidence is God’s way of staying behind the scenes. Not too sure on God. Call it Spirit, source, consciousness, The Universe, Cosmos, OM, maybe…call it what you will, call it nothing, because that “he” is too. 

For all “The Man” throws at us, there always seems to be quite a spectacular way to solve the problem. Reverse the issue. More often, then not, something at everyone’s fingertips, beneath our toes, with-in our hearts, minds, & soul. 

As I said before, LIGHT WILL PREVAIL! 

Happy Monday Friends. I pray each of you have a marvelous week filled with experience & adventure. 

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda 

I am not sure if I have shared this photo yet, but I love it so, either way, enjoy for the first time, perhaps the second…enjoy…



2 thoughts on ““The Man”

  1. Wow! Shanda sister how awakening and truthful! Thank you for your share today, a great start to the week on the foot of positive waking intentions! It is our right to know what affects us and in the very things we put trust in the government powers to handle mos importantly! Let’s focus our intentions on education of the underprivileged and those still in the dark. Transition is upon us and when we open our minds to the greater spirit, ask for the light to enter…then the healig can truly begin!!

    I hear you ❤ all for one and one for all!

    1. Amen Sistah!,

      You are so right. I wish I did not have to share such horrific things, but educating those who are underprivileged is important now more then ever! I am so glad I have you to join in me in this journey of awakening. Our world depends on it and I am ALL in!!

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