Pondering Thoughts

ALoha Friends…

Aloha Friends, just a quick post for everyone today. I have been doing a lot of cleansing in my life and working on self again. I had let the town I live in begin to start dictating how I felt about myself. Tisk* Tisk* I know! However I feel it only brings me closer to my perfect self, being able to now see quickly my flaws or wrong doings.

The husband and I came across this article. Something I will be trying out. I did my first 10 seconds this evening. For those who live in Missouri. The hours of 5:50am-6:50am and 7:44pm-8:44pm are the safe times. I have my alarm set for the morning. I will be sure to share this journey with all of you. For those who may be leery on trying it right off. I find it very interesting. Also, I already tell my life coaching clients to go out each morning and night and ground themselves to help with any and all things one may be going through emotionally & mentally. Only makes sense that this has so much “power” behind it. (read the article you  will understand my babble)

I feel back after a VERY long absence. Needed, seems so. Feeling like myself again. Prepared to be back in business and spreading love through word, photo, & smile =)

Love, Light, Peaceful Night ❤ Shanda



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