Happy Anniversary to me…

Today is my WordPress 2 year anniversary. Really?! LOL time sure does fly in life. I was looking over my earlier years post and well I need to get back to that. Sharing my path with the world. Brightening individuals days with my words, or at least I hope to.

Life has been beautiful! I am continuing on my shaman path, my soul thanks me. I had been  negating what my true hearts desire. I had been implementing fear & doubt, trying to think of all kinds of things to make money, rather then living in faith knowing that I will and am provided for always. I was putting aside what I truly wanted to do with my life.  I let my human mind take control. I am proud though that I can quickly realize my destructive behavior now and correct it.

I was living in fear & doubt due to the studio not picking up. Worrying over where the money was going to come from. First problem! I know better then to worry. I really do understand and grasp that our thoughts create our reality. Bad Shanda! As soon as I calmed down meditated a bit, thanked my guides & God for what I had. Letting them know that I trust them and myself. Reminding myself that if I sit and worry it leaves me no time to DO! That is really all it takes. To wake up and make a step in the right direction. Heck in any direction! It does not have to be the “right” direction per say. What is the “right” way?

Steps to simmers on….


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