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Never say Never

SO I started a workout regiment. I must admit I said I would never be one to implement a daily work out routine. Oops. Well I learned yet another great lesson that EVERYONE would be much wiser for learning is “Never say Never”. I guess the pop idol Mr. B did something right. Ha! I kid I give the kid mad credit. And well it is fun to watch my girls sing, dance & jam to his music because well it really duplicates mommy’s fondness for Justin Timberlake. Justin : Justin…well they are my girls! 

Hmmm….what else have I been doing you may wonder? I shall show you…


The weather has finally began to warm up! Spring is here hizzah! I went to the park with Brittany for her first climb to hang her silks. While she figured some things out. I decided to take tree pictures. Some of my all time faves trees are!!!


The next photo for your viewing pleasure is a big ol’ egg. We had a our 3rd annual Easter egg hunt in the hood. Yay for Jesus! And thanks Ishtar for giving us fertility (eggs) & doing it like bunnies (fertility). Bunny that poops out eggs…bunny had some blockage…

Whoa Bunny

Tea time 5th birthday for my middle baby. Nana did wonderful decorating the studio for me. I was too busy doing my P90x and waiting for the “Betting off the pounds” contestants to weigh in. But I did help pick out and find the decor!  Can’t give nana all the credit.

tea time

The birthday girl.


Did I mention that spring was finally here!!


The family and I are working towards achieving as much sustainability we can. We are becoming farmers! We got chickens. Lots still to do on our list but these cute  chicks are a start. Mmmm eggs!


I might also add, before someone scolds me, I have read up on the care of chicks & chickens and I now know that newspaper is a bad idea due to not being absorbent enough. Rest assured they have bounty paper towels two layers thick with the paper underneath no spay legs here! Aren’t they cute! I’ll be sure to post pictures of the awesome coop we are building!

 Kerropi Sylvester is especially excited about all the new birds in our home. My eldest daughter also got a parakeet for her birthday.


Can you see the look in his eyes! He is my Norwegian forest cat…I love my baby! I Love ALL my babies…

Manini  too loves the birds…or anything that moves.


Lots of birthday pictures to edit. My kids were all born 4 years and two weeks apart from one another. Neat huh? Not, on the check book! I kid. I like it. Get it out of the way after the hit from Christmas. Re-coop for the next.

Here I go. Howdy ho!


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