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Jenga with ma’ homies

Today for your viewing pleasure I have for you some Jenga fun. I have been on the hunt for some good kale I may have to wait a bit on the kale kimchi but I bought some cabbage to test out my sauce until the kale comes around. Be sure to keep posted to see how that turns out. Also, in the VERY near future I will be updating my phone for those moments when my Canon just isn’t at a quick arms reach (because phones are glued to us, don’tcha know?!) so my pinterest-ventures area should be growing rather quickly thanks to apple! 

Okay time for pictures. I really like the quote I found to go along with it! Tehehe…too GOOD!





I love my friends as much as I love my family. Shooks my friends are family. Ohana means family. Family means no body gets left behind of forgotten. Thanks Lilo! My ohana definitely lives by this motto and it is such a wonderful feeling! A beautiful thing to be a part of. And some think we are the dysfunctional ones because we know how to have fun. ( Yet manage to be “normal” members of society)…well with in reason..tehe…

hanging around


Go Jordan



This next photo cracks me up. This is my brother from anotha motha’ and his lovely lady. Such a classic shot I snapped with out them knowing =}


To be continued

Nighty-night! Till next time folks’

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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