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Pinterest-ventures:The tale of the melting valentine.

Good day everyone! I awoke to a light dusting of snow this morning. The ground was warm and the sun is shinning so it will all be gone by late afternoon. Giving mother earth a cool drink from the heavens.  I actually wish there was a bit more of it. It was a pretty snow, not the icky ice Missouri can get from time to time.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so I thought I would share with you what the kids and I did for their friends valentines this year. 

I got to thinking the other night while pinteresting away… “it’s time to start knocking out some of these great ideas I wish were my own, tehe” 

I have also been looking for all kinds of projects to do with the kids now that we are homeschooling. On top of it all I get to practice my photography and share more with all of you. Win-win for everyone. ;o] 

Okay, so now for the fun stuff. Kiki, my oldest, wanted to melt crayons in heart molds for all the “hood” friends. It’s funny how one mom portrays the peeling of the crayons a “Fun” project for the little ones, well, not my little ones. LOL. Miliani, the middle, was out after about ten crayons. Kiki did stick it out with mommy till the end but she did not suffer in silence, I promise you that. The end process which we still have to make cards for did however turn out very cute. Once complete I will add that picture. We did so well doing the valentines a week or so in advance and I got over zealous and well Valentine’s is here! Oh well…they will be done… 

Kiki peeling

Kiki peeling away. We peeled lots & lots of crayons. Crayola peels so much easier then the alternative brands. I’m glad we cleaned out the crayon box because for future projects, crayola it will be. :]


Khai had to get in on the action. Actually, babies make peeling crayons very difficult.

the reward

There she is with her beautiful bounty. She had a wonderful idea to place on the cards “you melt my heart”

almost done

Oooooo Melty…

Once we get our cards done this evening I will add a photo of the finished product. Crafting had me in the mood to try a few other things on the mommy to do list.

baby food

Made some baby food. Why have I not done this much sooner? Like always?!


I have also been doing a simple detox water. Detoxing while also curbing my sugar cravings. It is not the master cleanse as that uses real maple syrup and you do not eat during the time of drinking that liquid. I am just adding this to my daily routine to boost metabolism, flush my system, curb the crave. It’s yummy too!

To say good bye I leave you with a picture of my Neenerz. He loves car rides, riding on daddy’s arm. Have a beautiful day! I look forward to sharing my next pinterest-venture. What to look forward to, kale kimchi!!



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