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I’m loving these

Doing lots of editing this evening. Life has been very blessed & beautiful lately! I just had to stop editing for a minute to share some of these. I love, LOVE what I am seeing! I cannot wait to continue with our Indiegogo campaign. Soon many of the pictures I have been sharing will be gathered into a book and a few calendars. Have a beautiful night. Enjoy! 

Lady Love

Tea pour...

Tea time

One of my faves



2 thoughts on “I’m loving these

  1. Leo from waka speaking, Beautiful blog Shanda!! Wish I would have joined sooner. I’m traveling to wwoof in Norway come July 27th so I’m suuuper xcited. Thank you for accepting me into your klan waka 2014. I’ll never forget the badass jelly fish umbrella amazingness. Brightest blessings to you and yours, Love leo

    1. Hello Leo, thank you! Oh you are most welcome, it was lovely getting to know you and you are always welcome in our group. Norway, freaking sweet!!! Many blessing to you Leo. Love💟 & thanks again for joining. 😃

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