Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Suggestions Please…

Aloha Surfers! Life has been very busy & wonderful! I hope that you too can say the same. 

Today is going to be a quick post and I need the feedback from you! 

I have been working on improving my camera skills & just getting all the practice I can get. There is a model shoot in the works and I cannot wait to share what we come up with when that is complete. 

Okay so what I need from you!! Suggestions, suggestions, SUGGESTIONS! 

Send me a quick message of something to photograph! You could type one word, an idea, a theme, a thought…what ever comes to mind. Send it my way in a comment below and I will make it an assignment for me =) Please!!! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE! It takes but a minute! I will be sure to post as I get them done. It will also help fuel some inspiration for blog post as well! 

Any who…back to work I go. Please post below! 

Peace, Love & Mahalo~ Shanda 


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