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Well played Universe….


Aloha! Phew life has been exciting these past few weeks. Getting back to reality after the Holidays took a bit of work. I actually am off to a meeting regarding my indiegogo campain/photo project that I have in the works right now but I wanted to share my FB post that I just put up because it was a nice thought and it came out quite nicely! Enjoy. Have a beautiful evening…

Well played Universe…well played!
It’s funny how by just getting out there, stepping out the door each day with a positive attitude, can both impact your life in magical ways but also impact the lives of everyone you meet. The doors that open when you leave the couch. It really is as simple as that. At least it works well for me. Each of our destiny’s differ vastly from each person to the next. One thing is for certain we all have a destiny!! It is our choosing whether or not we choose to match and find that destiny. It isn’t a matter of what happens around us. Sure they change the path, but it is simply believing that HE created you for a purpose!
One may say, “easier said then done!”
At first this is absolutely true but take it from a pro ( I consider myself a pro at this point in seeing my negative behavior & thoughts and changing it to a positive one. I am almost to the point where I have weeded out all negative entirely…this is a process as we are very ingrained in our ways & thinking as a society) it is possible.

I have learned through my years of self transformation that we become addicted to our negative patterns. A good example is why those who are in relationships that fight often continue to get into other relationships and constantly fight. If we answer the tough questions truthfully we can admit that we in some way enjoyed the attention we got from nagging. OR it felt so comfortable to fight because it is all you have known, so in a way you are addicted to it.

In this same way we become addicted to being positive. In the beginning I used think, “yeah right Shanda you are crazy to tell yourself you can talk your way out of depression and anger”. I had many other factors to help me along the way but mostly I did just that. I talked my way out of it! I began reading positive affirmations to myself, I started talking to my angels and guides again like I did often as a child, but mostly I started talking and correcting myself. Literally changing every negative, judgmental, awful thing that came out of my mouth, or I thought in my head. You do feel a little nutty in the beginning but it works. Just like being addicted to the negative you sooner or later become VERY addicted to the good.

One could say,” this is easy for those who believe in God, in something.”
Well we can all agree on one thing. There IS DARK and there IS LIGHT!! We can also admit this. We all have a choice! So which side will you choose?


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