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Hi there. You seem to be lost?

Good eve fellow web lovers. As I sit here thinking of what to call this post I some how managed to quick key something and cause the post to update and publish. Confused, I decided to see what it said I updated and the site said…Hi there. You seem to be lost? Why thank you word press robot for giving me a title. How ever did you know I was at a lost of what to call this post? Gee-golly you are swell! 

Lately my random post have been coming late in the evenings. I feel my nocturnal self returning once again. I love the night. I function much better in the night. I am working on my morning-ness, but the the night time…now that is when I come alive. Actually right now I feel a sense of rejuvenation all together. Who knows if the Mayans had it right or not but I sure am glad to have left the 9th circle of hell and into the 13 circles of heaven. I feel alive again. Partly because the depot shot is really leaving my system and mostly because the shift is in full force. 

Not only can I thank these things for this sense of renewal but also the universe is giving me a chance big time. My studio is booming and things are definitely on the up-n-up in every aspect of my life. Getting back into the groove of work feels nice. Scary…but nice. It is only scary because I want to be sure my babies get the attention they deserve while still balancing work so they have the future they deserve as well. Balance is key! This I do know. 

Speaking of GROOVE… in the very near future I will be working with my amazing ohana on a project for indiegogo.com If you have never checked out this site…DO IT! It is a investment platform site and anyone can add a campaign “strut their project” and make money to back your ideas! Just recently I found this gem of an idea and I must say I cannot wait to add my first campaign. Don’t you worry I will be sharing. LOL and let’s just the idea behind it all is The Art of Groove! That is all I will tell for now. But keep posted, first meeting is Sunday so look forward to more then. 

I apologize my pictures have been lacking. My camera is definitely mad at me and the new flash I got for Christmas is dying to be used. Bad photographer…bad photographer! Weekend assignment GO TAKE PICTURES! Okay I promise self! 

Well I could ramble for pages so for your sake (the reader) I will stop now….

Late night rambles… *some of my favorite things*


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