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Fine tuning

It’s 3 am the morning after Christmas and I sit wide awake. I decided to take some time to tweak the ol’ blog. I finally found where I could change the header. HOORAY! Simple successes, simply splendid!

The photo I chose for my header (below) is of the large feast my ohana & I had at a fave stop in China-town, Chi-town on the way back from Electric Forest last year. My family from Chicago takes us there almost every visit so I shared the wealth with some of the dearest & nearest folk in my life. Of course I had to add my usual flare of words, quotes or sayings, what do they call it?

Inspire art photography?! Hmmm…I dunno… I’ll Google it but first let me get the picture loaded…

Not important. What is however is that great spread below! Mmmm…Mmmm this is one of my favorite pictures to date. It encompasses ME my passion in life screaming at me through Cantonese food.

Food, love, family, friends, sharing, life,  SRIRACHA!!! Sriracha is my ketchup! Mmm sriracha and ketchup…spicy fancy know what that is! Don’t deny it! Add a dalop of mayo…you know you wanna. OKay. Over board?



Here are a few more of my favorite, what I like to call “Aloha Photography” Inspirational Photography…..

I love what adding words or just one can do for a photo. For Me.

I make these often so be prepared to see them from time to time.

2 3 4 405303_418622138173543_994186881_n

Well there yah’ have it folks. That is what a post at 3am after a long & lovely day filled with family, joy & laughter looks like.  Tomorrow, a post of the Christmas fun. Fun!

 Peace, love & Mahalo~ Shanda


3 thoughts on “Fine tuning

    1. Thanks sweety! If I could only be more consistent. One day, one day! Love you!

      Mahalo (Thanks) Sheila! How are you doing? Wonderful I hope! Thank you for your kind words!! Have a wonderful day.

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