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A Friday fit for me

Tis the season for community. To me this season is open all year-long. Lending a hand to others can be a very rewarding experience. I Love volunteering my time when I can. A few years ago I began volunteering at the local senior center. Through the course of baby I left and well haven’t been back, until now. I’m glad to be back!

I took some random fun shots from the center today. I am building on my photography skills and just learning my camera and keeping it on hand where ever I go. Should make for some interestingly random post. As if they weren’t that already. Well now they are interestingly randomly visually enhancing post. tehe…

Our small senior center sends out close to 300-400  meals to elderly who cannot get out, or cook for themselves, or are on very fixed incomes.

There are lots of bags to bag up… breads & desserts …

bagging meals

We send out home bound meals as well as serve in-house.


Dishin’ up food on the line…

the line

While we get everything ready. The older men like to play pool.

pool stick


 There are an infinite number of ways to volunteer. Really something out there for everyone. I highly recommend trying it out sometime, if you don’t already do so. Such a rewarding experience. I am a firm believer that what you put out will come back to you. Life is better when we learn to lend a hand.

Christmas is my favorite season. For many reasons. I must admit however I LOVE- LOVE all the lights! I am sure there will be a plethora of christmas photos for you to enjoy. Oh I can’t wait for the hubby to get out all the lights…HINT HINT!! I KNOW YOU READ THIS!

Last photo for tonight is of the centers Christmas tree, sending out a special thought to those who have suffered or are suffering with Alzheimer’s. This disease took my great grandma GiGi! Miss you grandma! That lady helped every day of her life! Here is to you GiGi!

senior center tree


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