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Feel the energy

Last night a full moon hung high in the sky. Radiating her mystical energy down on the night kissed ground. A certain power coming from her illumination. I feel it. Do you? A calmness full of energy! Stare into the moon . Experience her power. Expand (your mind)  in her beauty. Feel the glow on your skin like you would a warm sun kiss.

In many cultures there are many beliefs & superstitions regarding mother moon. I’ll leave those up for you to discover on your own. Explore some superstitions if you will. Or simply gain some random knowledge. The husband and I shook our wallets at her glory. One of the many things that moons power brings is abundance. Who is to say whether this really works or not, or if it is because I am stepping back into my “ness”, so I brought these things to me…


today ( the very next day)  I booked a friend’s wedding in Colorado


I bid a job to paint a little girls room with  zebra stripes (I’ll be sure to post the turn out on that one my first “mural”) in the midst of that I landed another $200 to watch their dogs while they are on vacation, since I will be there to paint as well. Heck, why not!

Oh, and I booked a birthday party at the studio. Hmmm….

Either way, Thank you Creator for all you have blessed me with. Faith really does work even when times are hard and seem impossible. Things have a way of “working out” when you truly believe. Trust me, I’ve lived both sides, both thought patterns. The difference is remarkable.

Feeling a sense of renewed energy come over me. For those sensitive to the shifts in energy, in the air, hasn’t it been a doozie?! I have heard from many of my like-minded friends & others sensitive to those things and they all have said that things have been “off” to say the least. I’m just glad my energy is returning. Depo shot is leaving. Life is nothing short of amazing! Always is these days (even if I feel like ick)…but it’s good to be “back”.

Here are some of my other photos of something in nature that gives me all kinds of good energy…wood! Trees! Bark…Man!

I LOVE trees! One of my favorite pictures EVER to take is of the bark of trees. I believe the trees give me a source of energy like nothing else can on this Earth. It is true that nature provides us with negative ions. The only thing that can balance the positive ions we come into contact with daily thanks to our technological world. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate both. I do however feel we still need to go back to our roots just a bit. We definitely need to connect with nature like our ancestors did, like creator intended for us. All of our advances have a place, after all we are a learning library but nature…let’s just say there will ALWAYS be nature. Creator merely let’s us assume we have control. We are taking over. Nature will always over come. She will always prevail. So appreciate what God has given us. Appreciate the abundance we have in mother earth. Take time to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the marvelous creations of this existence. Snap a shot or get up close and personal and really look at what nature has to offer. For the MIND.BODY.SOUL.

Okay, one more wood picture then I’ll say good night.

This is one of my favorite bark pictures, the eye of a tree, an alligator eye…if you ask me! ;0)



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