Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

My travel bone is itching so I’m reminiscing

Aloha all you beautiful souls! Nothing exciting for today. Was organzing photos which then lead me to want to take a vacation…lol. I want to go back to ‘Turtle Walk’ (above)

This was the view from our condo from the Kloster family trip to Florida in 2011. We went to Destin, it was lovely!

Oh how I LOVE to travel.

Made me want to leave for an adventure right now!

One of the many up sides to living in the mainland…you can drive to different destinations! However, I do still miss Hawaii greatly, just not the rock fever!

Found this sweet picture from when Miliani and I went back to Hawaii for my Grandpa Diego’s funeral. Love you Papa Diego!!

Here is the fam in front of the Magic Kingdom. I can’t wait to go back to Disney!


I’m ready to go on an adventure! Ready to explore lands unknown (to me)!

I think a weekend trip is in order. It’s amazing what traveling ANY WHERE does for me. A moment to get away. Explore new things. Renew myself!

Even just taking a day trip to St. Louis sounds fabulous. I think I will start planning a spring break trip…Oh, how marvelous that sounds! Where to go? Some where new for sure! Hmmm…

This picture is from 2009 one of our many trips to STL. We love that city! This is right outside the FOX theatre, we took the girls to see Nickelodeon Live. We had a blast.

I love looking through old pictures.

Got me jonesin to travel.

I’m ready! Let’s Go!!

What beautiful places should we explore next?


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