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A simpler look & tubby time

I’m loving the new look!! How about you?! Going for a fresh, clean & simple look. I’ve also decided to start showcasing my love & passion for photography, food, arts &  more. With my random thoughts thrown in about life, positive thought, expansion, love and who knows what else this brain of mine will think up! “^_^”

I feel I am on the ending road of this depo shot ordeal so for those who put out a positive thought and prayer for me THANK YOU! 

Some BIG changes coming to the Peace of Me blog… Are you ready? 

I am!!! For today’s viewing pleasure here are some fun-time-bath-time shots of my favorite little man in the whole wide world! 


Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda 

Look at that precious little foot! And way to go “Boots” Sponge on perfect placement for a perfect shot! =)

Here is my wash cloth mommy!

He loves tubby time in his new ducky bath!

Now if that doesn’t make you smile !


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