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NO more excuses…the time is NOW!

As the old saying goes through every trial comes great tribulation. I feel this! I really feel this! Through some heavy self evaluating, talking with Nana (also my shaman elder guiding me through the ways), and doing my first true angel card reading on myself, I, at 12:13am have had a break through. A serious understanding that my “slump” as I like to put it was literally building me up to a great epiphany. I now have a true understanding of all that I have worked for. I had some things still, of my past, that had to be brought back up the surface, not to make me feel bad, but to help me resolve and release the issue I thought I had “cured” but had merely “tucked” away.

A true sense of growth was just achieved. I can feel it. Do you? It’s lovely how right before I have this great realization it comes before a weekend of spiritual cleansing and awakening. What I mean by this is: I leave tomorrow for Oklahoma with Nana for a natural health profession class. Weekends alone just us gals always ascends me higher. *Thanks Nana* Plus gaining more knowledge and taking the steps toward my destiny. My love. My Calling.

Well, I have to wake up early and get my things together. That really is all I have for now. It feels so nice to be “back”. Little trips off in “tangent land” may be needed but I like the feeling of knowing I will have better ways to deal with my trials now that I am further on my way to enlightenment and understanding than ever before.

Feeling pretty energized hope I can get to sleep ;0p

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


2 thoughts on “NO more excuses…the time is NOW!

  1. Truth! There is a shift happening toward the light I feel it too! Had some really amazing breakthroughs today as well, feeling very in tune 🙂 the fire in my belly is burning bright!!

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