Howdy y’all! I hope each and every one of you are having a fantastical day. I forgot my memory card today so I cannot share the transformation my home has been under. I have been a busy little bee getting things cleansed and organized for the new beginnings heading my way. I cannot wait to share and show you what I have been up to. Proof that I am not just preaching to the choir! This evening I have to tackle my girls room…EEEGADS! I am not looking forward to it..LOL actually I cannot wait to be done with it. It is the last room in the house that is in need of a complete re-do. I was able to get the rest of the house complete this weekend. My before and after pictures will be lacking in some of my rooms because I kept forgetting to do the before. I did remember by the time I got to the kitchen so just take what that looks like and imagine how the rest of the house looked. HAHA. I know I have said this before but my goal is for my blog to become an extension of the studio, of my life. Another avenue to share with the world. To share fun. I also want to show that I practice the things I talk about. Also, another reason being to show the proof… some of my favorite blogs are the ones that people share lots of photos, lots of details, lots of proof! They show the befores, the afters, and the in-betweens. Yup, they usually are my favorite so I am working towards achieving that in my blog. I am not promising anything until after September 5th (studio opening) right now I have to focus on getting that done. Once I am open however I will be blogging away, well, at least once a day. Any-who it had be a week or so since I posted so just stopping in to say howdy and let you know what I have been up to. Time to go for now! I may try to post some home cleansing photos for you all to see this evening. Realistically, probably not, my girls room will take a bit. Having a garage sale this Friday so must get done!!!

Phew Cleansing is fun!


Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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