Pondering Thoughts

My house is bigger then your house…and it’s in MY HEART!

Hello everyone! It is late and I just got home from a late night craft with my lovely friend who will be teaching hoop dance classes at my studio. This is all besides the point. However, Brittany, if you are reading…you are a spectacular soul & I love you dearly.

What’s really on my mind perplexes my entire being. I cannot even begin to allow this to make sense to me…

As I drove home from Brittany’s I took the major highway that leads me to home. On my way I noticed the construction of a mega church building DIRECTLY across the highway from another mega church. Only, the newer church had obviously built just a tad bit taller, windows a tad bit bigger, enough to “show off” saying, “I have the bigger house”. Anyone would look at what I saw and think what I thought. Unless you are still brainwashed and see the thousands of churches in Missouri alone as necessary.

Forgive me. For a moment I thought we had families even here in the US that only get one meal a day or nothing at all. Excuse me I forgot we had solved the problem of children going to bed cold at night. My bad. It must have slipped my mind that our poverty levels “aren’t” increasing every day. Our Earth definitely needs more churches. This is what God would want.

Then it get’s me to thinking…have some of those people who build MEGA churches across from a perfectly good MEGA church not ever actually took the time to sit down and read the bible. Really listen to what the big “man” has to say. Read the stories of what happened to the people who built in his name. Who didn’t go out and spread the word. To tithe with love, food, care for our fellow brothers & sisters, compassion for our home(earth) and all its creatures. This is just as good as money. This truly is golden. Sure 1/10th of your income is grand but love, compassion, respect, these qualities when shared amongst one another is what I feel HE truly wants.

I will not let this upset me. It is what it is. I just can’t help but wonder why not go across the street join the other Mega church and take that money and do something GRAND & GOOD with it. Truly make a difference. Take the people and share with more people. A kind hand can do miraculous things in a sad ones heart. Restore faith in our society by sharing good. By being light.

Can’t they see…that my house is “bigger” then theirs and it is in my heart! OK I must admit this is perhaps too bold a statement then I am willing to make in the current path I am on. With who I am today. But I do feel it. I have no idea their intentions with in each church…but I know you all know EXACTLY the point I am trying to make. What good is a church if you have to pay to be a member? 

And I hear I am the “crazy” one.

I’ll take crazy any day if it means I am not “normal”!

That made me giggle just a bit. Have a great night/morning!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda



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