Photo fun.Lovin.Livin.


Good day readers! Hope all is going superbly well!!

I am pretty excited. Today I get the keys to the studio. Woodaloo!! I can’t wait to start moving things in and getting it all ready. Pictures of the transformation coming soon…

For today I would like to share this awesome sight.

I consider myself an artist but when I look at artist of this calibur let’s call me a crafter LOL. I am sure if I took more time on a piece I could make some pretty sectacular things. To their quality…iffy. HaHA!

Not too much for today just going to share some of my favorite pieces. It’s a day for me to take it easy & celebrate. The studio will officially be mine. The family and I have a fun weekend ahead, going to Big Surf, visiting family. My husband and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Love you sexy! Looking forward to our date night tomorrow! Here’s to the weekend.

Have a marvelous day!!

Following: A few of my favorite pictures from the sight for your viewing pleasure…

Mandala By: Peter Westermann

Ectoplasm By: Fabian Jimenez

Quantum Goddess By: Fabian Jimenez

High Tide & Green Octopi By: Peter Rodulfo

Mountain River By: Peter Rodulfo

Inside Clover Grove By: Simon Haiduk

Get lost in these pieces for a minute I see so many different things as I gaze into them. I will be “working” with one of these artist for something in my studio. I cannot wait to see what they come up with, with what I have give them. I am going to keep it a surprise as well. I just told them a bit about myself, what my studio will be doing, the things I like and told them to do whatever it is that comes to mind. I wanted no influence other than what I had given them. I am going to see what the universe has to tell me. Ooooo Exciting =0D

Again, Have a marvelous day and even more spectacular of a weekend!

Sending warm wishes & love to you all!!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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