Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

Time to get with the program!

Those who know me know that I rave about holistic/natural health. Which I do, almost.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a SWEET tooth which is probably the worst junk food addiction there is because well we all know it is choc-full of processed sugars and other “great” excito-toxins our body cannot utilize. Since mommy has a sugar addiction I give my kids sugary treats being the “good mommy” so my girls too have a SWEET tooth. It is getting to the point that theirs is worse than mine…which is BAD…VERY BAD!

SO, mommy is shaping up and shipping out all the junk in our home. From now on my family is going to live by the principal if we can’t read it, we don’t eat it.  It will cost us more in grocery’s but what we will gain in health is PRICELESS! It will mean I make things from scratch more but being the chef that I am I really have no excuse. We are also cutting out most dairy…mainly milk & ice cream. Hard cheeses I cannot give up but because of the enzymes in them the proteins are not too difficult for our bodies to digest so, it’s okay.

It will be a challenge. Mostly because of time. Which I should remind myself we have as much time as we believe! I am going to work on creating a weekly menu to better help me with planning what to make. Being a busy BUSY family we run into evenings that I come home late with no plans for dinner  so we quickly run to the “pop in the oven meal”.  If I knew what I was going to make already it would eliminate the “chore” of figuring it out when I am tired and just ready to put my feet up. Or on days I know I am going to be home late the crock pot already has my meal waiting for us! It really is not that difficult I am just being a baby. LOL.

Actually, the greatest challenge in the beginning will be getting my kids to eat it. I know that kids won’t starve themselves but I also know my middle child is very stubborn and picky.  I must be the adult and not let my guard down.  The good news is that health food has come a long way since I was a child. Back in the day health food tasted like card board. Now days a lot of the health food snacks actually taste better than the “crap” filled ones. You also tend to eat less of them because your body is actually getting real food and knows what to do with it. All in all no matter the challenges, no matter the battles I face with my children & the hubby with some things, the challenges with the cravings myself, this is the best thing for all of us. In no time we won’t know how we did not do this always. I do know from experience it doesn’t take very long to get addicted to the good. We are creatures of habit so I need to start my kids young. I need to do it while my husband and I are young!

Time to get with the program! Time to live a complete holistic life. No worries I am not going to be a crazy mom. We will still “treat” our selves from time to time. But we will be so used to the good that going out for a treat will be going to have frozen yogurt at Orange leaf. I won’t stress if my kids have candy at Halloween or Easter. I won’t be the psycho mom that gives a list of foods my children can have when staying with friends. HAHA…Afterall it is never good to stress about anything. No matter which end of the spectrum you are on. Stress kills! Remember that!  I’m just making a conscious effort to change our eating habits. Truly being a GOOD mommy.

Life is grand! I feel fantastic. Looking forward to feeling SUPER fantastic.

A Hop, skip & a jump away

Doin’ a healthy lil’ jive!

Peace, Love, & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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