Soul Poems of Me


Good evening you fine folk! I’m just stopping in to post my FB post from my Krystal Fire page. Basically to save it in the ol’ archives for personal use later. It’s simple. One of my little poems I like to make up. But it really is quite perfectly ME.

Life is Joy!

Life is LOVE!

Life is FEELING the blessings from above.

 Life IS a ride.

 Life is FUN! Life is experience.

A journey.


Life is NOT about worrying of the past.

Life is a movement. BUT, by no means a race.

Life is about ENJOYING this place!!

Light & ♥ ~ A smiling face. A warm embrace.

I’m up late and this is what I do when up late. Make little diddy’s. Look up random absurd things on the WWW. I’m nice and relaxed this evening (not that I am not any other eve) but I just got back from the salon about an hour ago. YUP! I have the best hair stylist there is. I doubt many of your stylist would work till 11:00 pm…well perhaps..but in Marshfield..NO. LOL. SO…SHOUT OUT to Sommer Tabor owner of Sommer’s Eclipz..your the shizznizz!!

 I did purple & turquoise and I LOVE IT!

This picture doesn’t do it justice. When I get to the store tomorrow I am going to have Nana take a shot with one of our good camera’s because it really is that cool. I have my “peacock” feathers. Saweet! Now just to get my peacock, owl, and hawk feathers on my back! I cannot wait for that!!!

Any who, it’s late and I have to work in the morning. I best be getting to bed. Just wanted to share & save my poem.

Warm & Fuzzy

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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