Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

I’m putting my feathers on!

After last nights post I realized something, I haven’t been wearing my “feathers”. I usually wear a flower in my hair, some piece of quantum jewelry I’ve made, my jade bracelet, my favorite rings, bells on my fingers, tassels on my toes…or however that goes..LOL. BUT, lately I haven’t been. Call me too busy, call me lazy! Either way, unacceptable! They are like my shaman gear. They complete my circuit. They complete me. I truly feel & see a difference in my step on days with these things and with out. Call me crazy…that’s Okay!

I cannot wait to place my animal guides feathers on my body. I was told by Shane Knox this awesome Neo-Shaman (look him up, you won’t be disappointed)

that when we place our guides & totems on our body we carry the energy & wisdom with us always. More than I already do. I believe this and I feel it will ascend me higher on my spiritual path. My stones and flower I wear do the same.

Knowing this why would I not take the time to “dress” myself completely! It is who I am. People recognize me because of it. They are intrigued because I truly radiate “unique”. It will help me in my path to help others. We are creatures of senses and I want to appeal to them all. In no derogatory fashion. I mean this sincerely. On a level of passion & desire to help others find their “ness”. I HAVE my “Shandaness” so why would I not represent me in my entirety EVERY DAY!

More importantly if it makes me feel good. If it makes me happy. That is what matters most.

I am off to get some work done for the day. Crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s before opening day! Have a wonderous fabulous day!

Shaking my tail feathers

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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