Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Life is not a race.

*Awhhh* Such a beautiful day in the ozarks! The kind of day that is perfect for opening the sun roof, rolling the windows down, Marley jammin REAL loud, kiddos singing along, a real perfect kinda day. I can’t lie, not trying to brag, but every day is PERFECT in my world. Because I choose for it to be! With the arrival of the opening of my studio I am working on getting my day started a wee-bit earlier. So what did I do this morning when I first woke up…got on FB. I am not sure that is the productivity I was trying to achieve but I must say I write some of my best little diddy’s and poems early in the morning.

I try not to post every waking detail of my life on the ol’ social network. I like to keep things uplifting in hopes to brighten someones day. To touch someones heart. Put a smile on ones face. Don’t get me wrong, I still post random non-sense, have you read my blog? LOL

I’d like to share my post from this morning…

Faith guides me. It sets me free. To live a life that is right. One I WANT God to see. Stepping in the light. Sharing it where I go. Leading those who need it, out of the darkness of this world. Love fills my heart. Joy fills my soul. Smiles fill my face. Stop. Enjoy! Life is not a race!!

I really need to start filling my journal or create one of it’s own, of all the little messages like these I create from time to time. Yes! Perhaps one day I shall make a book of all of them. Lot’s of things to do. Plenty of time! What a great adventure life is!

 I cannot wait for next week to get here. I have lots to look forward to this week as well. Friday I am finishing up my friends engagement session we are heading downtown for a different vibe & feel. Saturday we have a family reunion to attend. Sunday I have a baby shower. Work Monday. Work Tuesday. Wednesday….leave for Electric Forest! Hooo-Rah! I am taking my little brother, this will be his first music festival EVER! Lucky duck. I am so glad I get to bond with my baby bro before he gets back to the grind and works his way to medical school to become a radiologist. One day , also, look out for DJ X-ray! Music runs in our blood!!

I’m also going up there to sell I ❤ booty (real talk) bandz. My Aunt patented these awesome chunky rubber bracelets (like the ones you see every where) that say I ❤ Booty (real talk). I am a rep and they are going to help me get the revenue I need to build Krystal Fire Arts. One never knows how you will get the money you need to start the ventures you have in sight! You definitely have to be open to it all! I think these are totally fun! Fit my personality for sure. Come in LOTS of LOTS colors! Which is mad rad! Hehe..OK I better stop myself I am getting a little carried away.  Here is what they look like…

Aren’t they fun?! If you like and gotta have..shoot me an email!

Beautiful day! Get out and enjoy some sun! (If it’s sunny where you are) If not, pretend =0p

Grinning from ear-to-ear!

Peace, Love, & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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