Pondering Thoughts

I can’t believe it! It’s almost here!

I love Bruce Lee!

Jambo all you beautiful souls! I hope your days have been filled with LOTS of joy! I just got back from a marvelous vacation with my family. We went to Disney World. We had a BLAST! Now it is time to get back to the grind and phew let me tell you it has been a fun time! The universe is ready for me to make a difference. I am ready to make a difference. As my followers know I have been working on getting my Inspirational Wellness Studio: Krystal Fire Arts open. My projected opening date was April 1st, 2013. However, I had been feeling a push. God was telling me I just need to do it! NOW! I worried. I wondered HOW?! Then I got my act together and just started moving forward.

“OK”, I told myself. “How do I know the money is not there?” “How do I know the universe, GOD, isn’t waiting for me to make a move so he can provide in miraculous ways?!”

I began listening. Taking steps toward my vision as if it was already here. Guess what? It’s here. I am now in the works of opening up. I have found THE PERFECT location. Literally I drew up what I had in mind, the layout, how I wanted it to look, my office with a window to view the studio floor, two bathrooms, great windows for a window display, and guess what I FOUND IT! Actually it’s even better than what I drew up…with a few extra perks and storage thrown in. I don’t even have to have the hubby build the partition wall I had in mind. It is ALL complete. I just have to paint and put the flooring I prefer down and that is it as far as construction goes. The rest is cosmetic and things I will be working on as I go. I’ll be open in September or October!! Thanks big man for being so AWESOME! For showing me what it takes… BELIEVING!

I still plan on having my GRAND Opening on April 1st. My vision will be complete in its entirety by this point. What a beautiful thing! I can’t wait to share what I have with the town of Marshfield. I had debated opening in Springfield because they are more ready for what I am bringing to the table. I was quickly reminded that the people of this small lil’ town I call home need it more! I am sure I will have many that do not understand me. I have already been called a “woo-woo” lady because I have “crystals” in my name and I make jewelry out of them. I say, “Bring it on”! I also chuckle a bit, because well I hate to break it to those people but that diamond on your finger is a “crystal”.  Oh well, things one doesn’t understand can definitely be scary. I am not here to judge. If they do not like what I do that is the beauty in life…they don’t have to. Those that need me will find me. Those I need I will find.

Life is Beautiful! So are YOU!

Living in the light~

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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