Photo fun.Lovin.Livin.

My friends are getting hitched

Meet Cory & Stacy. Some very good friends of mine. They are the brave souls to be my first engagement session…I kid. I kid. I got this. I had a lot of fun. I will share a few with you from shoot one. We are going to go downtown for day two. I look forward to that shoot. I have some neat ideas.

Lots of exciting things have been going on for Krystal Fire Arts. But enough about that. Now to enjoy some pictures. A beautiful couple. A marvelous park. Simply a perfect day.

Sitting under the shade tree. Giving doggie Bella a rest. Enjoying each others company.

Eskimo kisses!

These photos were taken at Nathaniel Greene Park. My first time exploring all it had to offer. A SUPER park! I will be going back. A phtographers dream. Can’t wait to share this park with my family. My kids are going to love it!

Here with their “baby” Bella. I look forward to these two having babies. Cute! Cute! Little terrors if they are anything like their daddy..LOL he is still a big kid. We love you Uncle Coco!

One of my favorites. Amongst the roses. What a good lookin couple!

A close up.

Lovely day to lay in the park.

In LoVe!

Sitting by the river. Chilling on the bridge.

I look forward to shooting their special day. Can’t wait to make a wedding blurb book!! Loving my new lens. New camera. Just need to get a flash and I’ll be a happy girl. =0) Till I find the next toy I just have to have. LOL Well, would like to have. Happy Tuesday everyone. I’ll close with sharing my post on FB for the day.

The sun is shining. Kissing my face. Life is churning. No worries, it isn’t a race. I’m happy where I am. Happy where I’ve been. Estatic to know this is not the end. I have lives to touch. Smiles to give. Dreams to ignite. Lending hands to more friends. This is my journey. My ultimate goal. To share love with the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! ♥ & smiles for all. Happy Tuesday!

Smilin’ from ear to ear~

Peace,Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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