Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Girl just wanna have fun

Oh to be a little girl again. Actually I wouldn’t go back if you paid me, but it is nice to see that little girls haven’t changed that much in 20 years. They still play games like “Not It!”. You know the one everyone say “not it” and the last one to say is it. They still fight for the face of the Bieber on the cake. Or in my day it would have been some New Kids on the Block or N’sync but I dont think we were cool enough to have their faces on our cake. In this sense we have stepped up our a game a bit. They still get tickled about EVERYTHING. Still love to “compete” and play who can laugh the loudest & longest. Little girls will BE little girls.

As I enjoyed watching my daughter play with her friends and get dolled up at her BFF’s Birthday party I was reminded that just a wee bit ago I was just like my little girl. It filled my heart with joy. Happiness that I am not too old to forget. Promising myself I will NEVER forget to live life like a child. HAPPY!

My beautiful big girl. She is the oldest of the three.

This is Kiki’s best friend Savannah. She is the birthday girl in the upcoming party photos. They have been friends since the diaper days. Building a friendship that will last a lifetime. One of my favorite photos of them.

Sweet & funny Alexis getting dolled up.

Little Maggie has her eyes closed but they still look beautiful.

Playing in the flowers.

Girl Talk. Notice their Bieber tattoos. Alexis & Kiki. Friends since kindergarten.

HOnK! I got a horn for my bike…silly.

Savannah’s mommy…gotch-yah!

Striking a pose…

Chatting before dinner arrives.

Italian, It’s what’s for dinner.

I dare yah! =0)

Cake face!!

Big bite..

All the girlie girls.

Ending the night with a group hug…

My husband from time to time ask me why girls hug and hold hands. He says it’s weird. Bwahaha…Giggle giggle for sure. He says boys don’t do that. Well duh?! I guess we girls are kinda weird and you know what? I like it like that. What can I say …Girls just wanna have fun!


Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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