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I’ve got it all figured out

Krystal Fire arts is really in the works! I registered the business last year. Shortly after I found out I was expecting so it put things to a hault. Here I am 3 business cards later and I have GOT IT! It is funny how something as simple as a business card can get things going. My first two business cards were beautiful, they were. BUT, they just didn’t move me. They didn’t scream Shanda and all that is me. NOW, they do.  Here it is:

It is SO ME! I love them! Vistaprint is such a great site. Here is the back of my card…

This is one of the first paintings I did called “A Swan’s Dream” Be happy with the feathers you have. It reminds me that I am me and no one else. There will be those that understand me, accept me. There will be those that do not. Ulitmately the only thing that matters is that I am comfortable and proud in MY feathers. I can never be someone else. At least not on this ride. So why try. Love myself for me. Love my feathers and I WILL go far.

Today a friend shared a photo that goes along with what I am talking about. Perfect for today’s message…

I am taking a leap and next year it is set that Krystal Fire Arts LLC. ~ Inspirational Wellness Studio will be opening April 1st 2013.  I know it seems odd to open on April fool’s day. Some may be wondering why this day of all days. Reason Being…for me it symbolizes a day of fun. On this day even those with out that great of a sense of humor will jump in on the tricks. It signifies (to me) that “work” is only work if you make it that. I enjoy what I do and cannot wait to share with the world how to let loose.  Teaching those interested how to reignite their fire with-in and start living truly for themselves. How to HAVE FUN! So I chose April Fool’s Day a day dedicated to fun! I’m crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s and cannot wait to share this new journey I am on.

shaking my tail feathers…

Peace, Love, & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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