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A Mother’s Day weekend fit for a queen

My beautiful Mother’s Day gift from my Ohana. A Hello Kitty charm bracelet from Kay’s with my first two charms. Sea turtle form my babies and the infinity heart from the hubby.

I love things that tell stories. A perfect gift for me. Such a spoiled mommy I am. =0)

Well I didn’t get around to cleaning my altar this weekend but I did however have one of the best Mother’s day a mommy could ask for. My family definitely made mommy feel very special. I was spoiled all weekend long. It was exactly what I needed to get me out of my little slump I was in.

On Thursday I had my tubal done so I could no longer have babies. I didn’t think it would affect me quite like it did. I made the decision. Eric and I knew we had the babies we wanted. Yet still I took it bitter-sweetly, I suppose you could say. I felt like part of my woman hood had left me because I no longer could bare children. Silly, I know. But still I felt it. Only for a short time. My husband knew exactly what to say & do to make me feel tons better. We went to bed early Thursday night and I think even baby Khai knew mommy wasn’t feeling well because he fell asleep with us and awoke with us early the next morning. I awoke Friday feeling refreshed and renewed. We spent the day as a family. Cleaned up the house before the weekend started. Went grocery shopping. Got all the “business” out of the way. Saturday was date day! Woo-Hoo!!

My mother-in-law, aka Nana, watched all 3 of the kiddos for us so we could go on a much needed date. Eric and I went out to eat, did some shopping, and then went to the IMAX. Avengers! BABY! It was a great movie. Imax 3-D made it all that much better. Except the cineplex was being stingy with the A-C and my glasses kept steaming up. LOL. It was annoying and funny at the same time. A little sweat however can’t ruin my good time. I enjoyed the movie very much. Look forward to the next one.

Sunday we went to church with my grandparents for my grandma on  Mother’s Day. They have been asking us to go for sometime now. So, we made a special trip for G-Ma on Mommy’s day! We may start attending more frequently. The vibe was very pleasant. We were pleased at the experience. I say this because in our town churches are a dime a dozen and well I have tried out many of them. I don’t want to “dog” any of them or judge by any means but lots of them have a hard time practicing what they preach. So they are just not for me. I consider myself more of a spiritual person then religious person. I have no problem with organized religion. I do enjoy it for the fellowship one can gain. But as far as how I view the world, the universe, and other religions of the world I am sure if they knew about all of me most religions, if you singled any one out, would not agree with me. Except for the monks. They would get me. Hehehe. I feel like most religions are telling the same story. Just because I do not understand or agree with their translation of a story does not mean that we are not all sharing the same word. This is hard for religious people to grasp. Only because they have their blinders on. I don’t agree with thinking or feeling only one group of people have it right and the rest of the world is doomed. Being a lightworker I just know that this isn’t true. None the less we will be taking our children to church more often so they too can gain knowledge and form truth. See the difference between the two worlds. I grew up in church as a Christian and would still consider myself one today. As I got older I quickly learned that many people went to church as a cover. Daily life however was very different for some folks. I appreciate being able to form my own opinions. Seeing the contrast between going to church and living a spiritual life. I want my children to form their own opinions and views as well. Just because how I think works for me does not mean it is right for my children. I want them to see by example that going to church does not seal your faith. When my little ones ask me why don’t we go to church more to talk to Jesus I simply reply because we can talk to Jesus right now. This is what I want them to see. Church is fine, but don’t condemn me if you don’t see us every Sunday. Going every Sunday does not make your faith stronger than mine. It does not mean you lead a better life. Or vice versa. Like I said though these are my opinions and I have no intention of forcing them upon my children. They will see and grow for themselves. I merely build the walkway for them to travel and hopefully follow in a few of my foot steps. Until one day they begin to build the separate paths of their lives. I can only hope by then I have shown them enough contrast in their life to for smart decisions. To go out & LIVE!

Well now that I am done with that little rant. I am excited to get back into church for ministry & fellowship. We are also going to try out a newer church in town The Warehouse. A friend of mines father is the pastor and they focus on helping people in the community. They really get out their and spread the word. Which is the way I think it should be. I love volunteering and helping when I can, however I can. So I am excited to have more opportunities to do this. To get my children involved in this kind of thing. Like my grandma did for me when I was a wee lil  one.

I had great role models as a child. The women in my life were strong, independent, faithful, hard workers, and did lots in the communities we lived in. I only hope I too can share this kind of example for my children. So they will grow to be beautiful souls, light workers, and touch lives where ever they go. Motherhood is truly one of life’s greatest blessings. Where would we be today with-out mommy’s? Well we wouldn’t be. Thanks MOMMY’S of the world!

Full of love~

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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