A message from my guides

Creating a sacred space

Focus on all that is good. Focus on the sacred spaces in your life.

The following post(in purple) is an oldie but a goodie. This morning while thinking in the shower I was told by my guides to go back and read this post and share. So that is what I am doing sharing my post back from April 2011 about altars. When I got to the store and read the post I then realized they were doing more than telling me to share, they were telling me to DO. I have several altars set up through out my home but  it has been some time since I gave them a good cleaning. It’s been sometime since I paid any attention to them at all. I guess I know what I am doing when I get home!  It’s time to continue on my path in full force and open my sacred space again or more so give it a cleaning so my guides and ancestors can come to help me even more. I’ll be sure to share pictures of my space tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this repeat…(I left it exactly as it was posted then)

I hope everyone enjoyed there Easter weekend. We had a very eventful weekend at the Kloster residence and then a very relaxing few days to close it out. Life is beautiful! Today I am going to talk about altars. An altar is a place where you invite ancestors and spirit to come into your life. You can thank them here. Offer them things here. Just enjoy them here in a place dedicated to opening up the great world out there at your very finger tips. If you take care of this space things will happen. Trust me. It may take time. But if you stick to it and believe. Before you know it…..magical wonders for all!

Now, I know for many people when you think of an altar you more than likely think of a buddhist temple or the huge tables of candles they have in catholic churches or scarier a place where sacrifices were brought. Have you ever thought of the elaborate ginormous church as an altar. Or the Christian choir as an altar. An altar is a place where there is a group of things (no matter what things) are gathered for the sake of connecting to God. A place to allow information both in and out through a sacred space (basically a space you have decided is sacred). You can choose indoors, outdoors, where ever!

If you look around your home you may already have an altar of sorts. A group of favorite things and pictures. Seashell you found on a beach. A stone you found by the river. Grandma’s old ring. Anything that is drawn to you and you enjoy can be a part of your altar. This is your space after all.

I had been contemplating building an altar/meditation table that I could go and focus. The message then came to me that I should….build my “altar” around my desk. It is here that I write & create and want more to come to me from the universe so what better place to start a sacred, comforting, inviting creative space. Surrounding my office with everything that makes up me. And also what I desire. A place where I can get in the zone and all my creative expression to flow easily. A place where spirit can feed my soul. Truly a perfect idea. I’m starting it now and I am asking the same of you!

SO, here is what I want you to do. First, select the place you would like to start your sacred space/altar. Pick a place that you can visit and take care of your altar frequently. Whether it be every day or every week. Next, decide what you would like to start it with. Start by finding your favorite things or things that call to you. No matter how silly it may seem this is your altar so anything works! You can add to it if you feel it needs more. Take away from if something feels off. As you get comfortable with your altar things will happen…trust me. Keep your altar clean. A regular cleaning will show great spirit that you are focused. It will also force you to focus on the changes and details of your altar. Burn incense or light a candle from time to time to offer the smoke to your ancestors ask them to bring forth the changes you desire. Always focus your intent when in this space. Whatever your desire may be, focusing your intent is key! Then let if fly! See what changes occur. What thoughts come. Are animal guides making them self known to you now? Whether you know it yet or not…things will begin to come. For some it will be instant. For others it will take time. All I know is things will come if you stick to it and believe…like anything in life. For example the more my altar is built I may find that writing becomes much easier taking little to no thought on what my subject matter or next line will be. Many would give all the credit to themselves (which you do get most of it) but in actuality you are being guided by the universe in your sacred space. So pay attention to all the details. It isn’t always going to smack you in the face and be right in the open. Know that what you are doing is right. Know your intent of this space. Last but not least, thank the universe, god, the angels, buddha, alah, who ever it is you call to thank them. They, like us, want to be appreciated too. Maybe leave them some tea or a piece of candy. It’s the sweet things in life they miss when they leave this place. So help them enjoy their time and they will help you enjoy yours. Live. Love. & Be Merry! Then go out & getchya an altar!

Or tidy up the one you may already have…hint* hint* Shanda. Check back tomorrow to see before and after pics of my sacred space. I can’t wait myself to see the transformation. I KNOW my guides will be happy =0) I’m back to focusing on what’s important! Focusing my intent on all that is good. Focusing on my sacred space.

Opening sacred space~

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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