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If it goes in my mouth it counts!

Today I am streching my mind, body, and soul in the right direction! Yeah! BABY!

 I took this picture at the Dallas World Aquarium. One of the nicest aquariums I have been to. You can tell these guys were eating good.

Today is a good day! The sun is shinning. I got some awesome sleep last night. Work is great. Life is GOOD! I’m taking another step in the right direction (for me) today. I’ve decided to start counting my calories again. 1. To help me lose weight. For my health, more than beauty. I am already beautiful! 2. To help me stay conscious of what goes into my body. A food journal will show me exactly what goes into my temple. Now days with our handy-dandy smart devices it is so much easier too. Back in the day when I have done the ol’ calorie counting I had to carry around a calorie counter book plus a note-book to keep track. BUT, now thanks to apps on our phones, which I have with me anyway, it’s really a no brainer. I’m not sure why I hadn’t jumped on this train sooner? Oh well, I am jumping on now! I feel kinda excited about it too so perhaps I wasn’t ready yet before. I’m also going to get back into my yoga!! As of TONIGHT!

Creatures of habit we are. I love yoga and yet it has been months since I have done it. Why? Because I got out of the routine. Sure, I was pregnant, but I should have kept up with it through pregnancy. Hey, Hakuna Matata, right?! I enjoyed my last pregnancy. That is all that matters. I am now done having babies and it’s time for this mama to get back to ME! Which will allow me to live a better life with my wee lil’ ones. Better me=better wife, better mommy, friend, sister, shaman, human. That’s the beauty of truly living for YOU. All the other things just fall into place. When we love ourselves first. When we think of ourselves first. We will be that much better for everyone around us. Win. WIN!

Back to the calorie counting….

You would be amazed at what some of the things we eat are “packin”. When you take the time to be conscious of what are food is giving us it is quite a shocker. For example my orange I had for breakfast has 63 calories. An ORANGE! Sure it is natural sugars and our body knows how to utilize and burn healthy food but still 63 calories. Steel cut oats (another favorite breakfast) which is a whole grain, good source of fiber, AND JUST A GRAIN  has 180 calories for a 1/2 cup. Not including any fruit,milk, cinnamon, sugar, or whatever else you add to your oatmeal.  Steel cut oats are so yummy who could just eat a 1/2 of a cup?!  You know we are all guilty. Guilty of eating more than we should. I mean who measures out their cereal in the morning? Have you ever looked at the sweet cereals portion sizes? Even some of the healthy ones. A serving is typically 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup. If you haven’t ever measured it out try it sometime…I am sure you will be shocked. A bowl full is probably 4-5 servings if not more. And you know we are guilty of the full bowl pour =0) Which means you could have potentially consumed roughly 680 calories for a bowl of cereal and I was being nice and didn’t even factor in the milk! EEEkkk.

Ok. Ok. Let’s simmer down. LOL I am not going to stress and become a freak over this. I am just going to start creating healthy habits. Don’t forget if you chose healthy options, stay active, and love yourself you can pretty much eat whatever your heart desires. If you add stress to any equation you mine as well eat the junk, not exercise, and be a grump. Why you might ask? Stress KILLS! Working in the health food/holistic health industry I have seen stress alone be a factor to many ailments. Actually almost all of them. Our bodies are not made for  stress. We are creatures of light and made for love-n-living!

SO here is to a healthy life! Healthy options. Loving myself! Sharing my love with all of you. With the universe! Have a beautiful day. Thanks for stopping by.

Tah-Tah for now…

Calorie counting mama~

Peace, love, & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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