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Beautiful Monday

Here I am with my babies! If this doesn’t make me blessed I’m not sure what would?!

Good day fellow bloggers! I hope all of  you had a fantastic weekend. I sure did. Farm Jam was fun. It turned out to mostly be a funky family party, but a great one at that. Shannon and I camped a top a hill overlooking a giant pond with hills and a valley of trees across the way. It was exactly what I needed. A great weekend in nature. I can’t wait for Khai to get just a wee-bit older so we can take the kiddos on a camping trip. It will be the first Kloster campout and I think this year will be a good year to do it!

It’s another beautiful day in the Ozarks. Although for early May the weather has been already pretty hot. I worry for the summer months to be scorchers! Already the bugs are out in full force thanks to our ever so mild winter. I will complain about this. LOL. I can’t help it “skeeters”,mosquitos, love me. I DO NOT love them however. I have been chomped on far too much already for one year. Oh well. I can’t let a pesky lil’ bug hold me back. Far too many things to do. I’m super excited for June 4th to get here. We are starting off summer vacation right! Going to see Mimi & Papa in Florida…woohoo! Beaches, Disney, fun in the sun…here we come.

This will be our first family trip to Disney World and I cannot wait. I’m pretty sure daddy and I are more excited than the kiddos. Eric and I have both been to Disney Land but never world. I am looking forward to Animal Kingdom the most. I LOVE ANIMALS! This will be the closest thing to a safari to add to my ventures list. Until, of course, I go on a real safari. Which WILL happen before I end this journey of mine on Earth. One to add to my “bucket list”. I have a reverse bucket list. I don’t necessarily have things I must do on a list that I am checking off as they get done. I just keep adding all worthy/exciting ventures to the list. Goal: to get as many things on the list as possible. No limitations or pressure by putting what things on the list to accomplish. You know how I roll! I like to keep things as easy peezy stree free as possible!

*sighs of joy*

I love my life! I love reflecting on all that I have. I really do count my blessings daily. Do you? Now before you sit there and think to yourself, what do I have to be thankful for, try these on for size…

1. You’re breathing and still have LIFE!

2. We all have nature to enjoy…and nature is free!

3. If you are reading this..you have the internet…which means you probably have a job to pay for said internet…which means you can stay in touch with loved ones, make new friends, discover places not yet traveled, share your views with the world…you are connected!

4. Family & friends! We all have them. If you say you don’t. Then I would say I would be re-evaluating myself. It can’t be that everyone around you has the problems alone.

5. God loves you! Even if you don’t believe in God, source energy, the universe…he still believes in you…which is what really matters. So smile for that!

The sun. The moon. The stars. They are all dancing in your favor! Now it is just time to believe it! Wake up each morning and thank the heavens for just 5 things you are happy for. The more you do this, watch the list grow. Watch the blessings flood your life. Focus on all that is good until ALL IS GOOD!

Yes!! A beautiful Monday indeed! Woo Hoo only 1 1/2 more hours till I can close the store and head home. Blessings all around!

Have a peaceful evening.

Blessing counting fool…

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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