Pondering Thoughts

I’m the best when it comes to procrastination =0?

Excuse me whilst I chuckle…hheheehehe. My title for today’s post made me giggle. It’s true I am a procrastinator. In a more positive spin. I do well under pressure. It is true. I do. I am not saying it is the best habit to have but I got it bad. Always have. It always works out too. I’m not saying I don’t want to be a little more punctual. I think it’s the island girl in me. I’ve never left “Hawaiian time” and come to think of it. My Filipino family (especially the women) are not very punctual either. So I’m double doomed. Actually, not doomed at all. It’s what happens when your living life free. Right?!

I’m going to say YES!


I can’t make todays post long because well I procrastinated on my flower clips I need to make for today’s festival. It’s ok though I am fast only takes me about one and a half hours to make roughly 100 clips. That’s my other problem with why I am so good at procrastinating.haha. If I chose to procrastinate, it is because I know I am good at whatever it is, taking me little time to complete the task. I do need to work maybe pushing it back a few days before rather than the night before or day of. Oh well, I’ve never missed a dead line. I’m not irresponsible though this is only if the dead line and outcome effect solely me. I do much better when the lively hood of others are involved.  So, it makes it ok….tehe. I do still have several hair pieces to get rid of. I just always try to bring a obsurd amount. Did I mention I have a tendency to do more than I need to. If you follow along with my blogs you will quickly learn..I am very much virgo (so I analyze everything), I am a master number in numerology(so I can see many different views, possibilities, outcomes), I am a conundrum wrapped in an enigma shrouded by a cloud of mystery(one never knows what I will come up with). Even I confuse myself sometimes. I am able to see many sides to many situations all at once. I can’t even begin to properly explain the things that go on in my brain at any given moment. I travel in my dreams. I speak to my guides. The animals send me messages daily.  The more I grow, the more magical it gets.

Thank you guides/angels for growing with me. Thank you god for teaching me all you have. For chosing me to be one who is tapped in at such a young age. To help all those I meet to tap into their divine energy. Your love. Your light. Procrastinator or not…LOL..you always pull me through, by teaching me that I control my path, and only me. Watch over me as I travel away from my family to spend time with family. ❤ & light. You are awesome!

PS: This is for my guides~ I hope your ready to boogey and shake this weekend. We’re dancing and drumming out of this world! Are you excited? Yeah, I know you are.

It’s been SOOO long since I have been to a drum circle, come to think of it, it’s been far to long since I picked up my djembe. No bueno! My body is tingling already. Have a beautiful and safe weekend all you beautiful souls. I hope your day is as bright as your smile!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Drummin’ a diddy…happy little feet!

Peace, Love, & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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