A slice of me!

Partner’s in crime till the end

Friends make the world go round! I love my friends! My friends ARE family. I might add I have pretty spectacular friends at that. One in particular…

Shannon! Da & On (Shanda & Shannon) Partners in crime till the end of time and beyond. I hope everyone in the world can be so lucky as to call at least one special person their soul sibling. That girl is my soul sister through-n-through. Why?! Today! Am I being a sap and talking about this dear friend of mine? Well we have an adventure to go on this weekend and I cannot wait. It’s been a few months since I have really gotten to hang out with my sistah. Towards the end of pregnancy I just didn’t do much and of course when lil man got here I didn’t do much until now.  So several months came and gone. Realizing I have not seen my “other half” it’s unacceptable… (don’t worry sweety your still my other, other, half.  Remember I am complex multi-faceted creature. ;0p love you.)

It’s unacceptable I say, going that long with out hanging with my Shannon! To make our adventure even better…about ALL of my other homies will be kickin it as well. We are going to PAR-TEY!! What are we doing you might wonder. FARM JAM4! That’s what. Good music. Good friends. Camping in the woods. GOOD TIMES. I can’t wait. Plus I’ll be vending a little so maybe make a little bit of moolah. BONUS!

Extra bonus…Shannon and I have a tendency to laugh for hours on end when together. I tell yah it’s so good for the soul. To just laugh uncontrollably for no particular reason, just because you can. Man, do we ever when we get together! It’s fantastic. More people should learn to laugh like we do. Laugh at nothing. The world would be a much better place if laughing was mandatory. Even just once a day. You know it’s true! It’s hard to be in a bad mood when laughter and smiles are around. Try to. Sure you can act like you’re a grump. But you know deep down inside if you’re in a bad mood and people are laughing, having a good time around you, deep down inside you feel it. Something wants to come over you and the laughter wants to take control. You can’t deny it. Sure you can lie to yourself and try to hold it back..but deep down you know you want to join in.

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I am a bit nervous because this will be the first weekend mommy will be gone from Khai for longer than a day. I know my hubby will be fine, but still, mommy worries about her favorite guys. I just am going to remind myself that my hubby works a lot and doesn’t get as much bonding time so it will be good for them. Also, we have two older girls and well they are still alive and mommy has gone to vend/ do shows before..haha. PS…my husband is fully capable and a wonderful daddy. I’m just a pleaser and a worrier and don’t want to put unneeded stress on anyone but myself. I  know once I am out there with friends, in nature, listening to music I won’t have  a care in the world. I’m gonna get my dance on major this weekend! I  miss it. It’s one of my favorite things about live music to just travel off and out of this body and dance. Dancing is my kind of meditation. Food for my soul with out a doubt!

Well it’s time for me to go get my big girl off the bus so I need to wrap it up. In closing. Cheers to friends! Yay for family. Love makes the world go round. I love you all! Get in contact with a friend today and share some extra love. Come on…you know you wanna ;0)

Dancin’ like a fool!!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda

Shannon & I at a Honky Suckle show. A friends of ours band. Always a rockin’ good time with these ladies.

Following is a slide show of just a few of the family. (We have a big family) Never a dull moment with this bunch. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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