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Aloha all you happy bloggers! I hope your day has been nothing short of spectacular. I have had a wonderful day! Thank you for asking ;0p I worked for a few hours and then got to come home and just enjoy this hot spring day. While at work today it came to me that I should look into some photo contest…

While sitting on our electro reflex machine (reflexology machine) I was thinking away and surfing the net on the phone… One moment I was thinking about what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day this year scrolling through the local events going on. Then I looked to see what St. Louis had going. They were doing luncheons at the botanical gardens. The botanical gardens made me think oooh I need to go up and get some new shots with my new baby (camera). Which then lead me to think I should look up the Ozark Empire Fair photo contest. Soon to find myself at the National Wildlife Federation website entering their contest. Oh boy! The mind of a woman.

I’m sure for me there were a few other things in the mix. What’s for dinner. Khai needs to eat soon. Hmm come to think of it I am hungry too. LOL I was once told by a clairvoyant I had a Picasso mind. My mind was compartmentalized and could see many different ways, ideas, places, points of view.Each part of my brain doing something very different simultaneously yet  dancing a perfectly strange and out of this world dance in perfect syncopated rhythm. Who knows if it’s true or not but when she said it I thought..huh..that’s one of the best descriptions someone has given me as to why and how I think the way I do. My brain is going so much sometimes even I get overwhelmed…in a good way.

SO, back to the photo contest. I decided today I was going to start sharing more with the world. I love photography. Of all sorts. Especially nature. God’s canvas gives me the perfect subjects and venue to allow my creative juices to flow. I paint nature, in an abstract way. I use the stones from earth to create my quantum jewelry. Some and most of my best photography in my opinion is my nature shots. Nothing like getting out and soaking up some negative ions! (We come into contact everyday with positive ions emitted by technology & city dwellings.) Only nature  can provide negative ions to help balance the body’s cells and energy. Give them the energy they truly desire. Need.

That being said my first contest I am entering is all about nature. It is through the National Wildlife Federation. If you would like click the link below and help me win. Vote for my pictures (if you like them) and help me climb to the top. The grand prize is $5,000 dollars! Whoa! What would I do with $5,000 dollars you ask? I would  put it towards opening my Inspirational Studio: Kyrstal Fire Arts. A place for fine arts & the healing arts to co-exist. A place for people to find passion in life and rekindle their own fire with in. A place to help me teach others that “Living life is easy if you live life FREE!” A place for me to learn and grow some more.

Even more importantly then winning any kind of prize I am putting myself out there. Gaining confidence in myself and the things I do!

Here is the link:


Like I’ve said many times you never can tell where the universe will lead you when you stop fighting. When you change your thought process. It never fails through my down thoughts as soon as I lift them. Think lighter. I am QUICKLY reminded that trust in HIM in yourself and you truly will be amazed at the many doors that open. How truly magically beautiful life can be. Life IS. Have a marvelous evening you wonderful being on the other side, you! I’ll leave you with the photos I entered into the contest. remember go vote for me…PWEEZ! ;0) PS…you do have to create an account (and you can vote everyday, as if you had nothing to do, right?!)  but its like two minutes and the website is cool anyway. If you don’t like wild life then you don’t like being human…hehe.

Here are the entry’s for your viewing pleasure…

Shaking like a tree!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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