Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

New day. New Look.

Me & my bestie! True friends except us for who we are. I should follow in that thought. Missing my bestie, so that is why I chose this photo for today.

One step closer in the right direction. That is where I am heading…

 Yesterday I posted about releasing fears of the cursed “hows”. I’m learning to live life in the moment ALWAYS. To start this new day I decided to give my blog a new look. Pretty in pink we are. Even blogs like to dress up from time to time. Ha! Peace of Shanda has lots of exciting post in the works. Some to look forward to, Beauty in People, Dogs of the Park, Blooms 2012. Spring is here which means me and my camera are out in full force. I can’t wait to make these coffee table books and share some of the pics I get with all you beautiful bloggers. If any photography “nerds” are  checking out my blog I would strongly recommend going to It is a fantastic site to make your very own photography books. This fall I get to make my first wedding book and I am so totally stoked! One, it’s some very good friends of my wedding. Two, I love weddings and I cannot wait to share this special gift to help them remember the journey through their special day. Last, but not least, they are helping me build my portfolio. Badda bing badda boom! Now that is how you kill three birds with one stone.*

* Shanda does not in any way condone the killing of birds =0P

Here is a link to my newest blurb book. You will recognize lots of the pictures in this book from my Images Igniting Imagination page, but there are lots more as well.  I must add these books are absolutely stunning in person. Professional quality, several style choices, and super easy to use. I recommend it for any art enthusiast looking for a new medium to explore.

New blurb books in the works:

Dogs of the Park: I’m exceptionally excited about my newest idea Dogs of the Park. I already have several new stars for this upcoming hit and can’t wait to catch more dogs in action with their humans. Endless possibilities when dogs take their humans for a stroll.  Humans in their finest form…out with their doggie babies.

Beauty in People: Take a look at every day people. Daily life. Love. Inspiration. This one will take me some time for I want to explore the life of others. Catch special moments. Show case the beauty of the human soul. We are a beautiful species. I want to share it with the universe.

Blooms 2012: I LOVE flowers! I just can’t get enough of them. Absolutely some of my favorite things to view through my lens. This book won’t just be a pretty picture however, each bloom will have a story to tell.  Don’t you know the fairies live in the blooms. ;0)

Exciting! Looking forward to sharing some sneak peaks throughout the year.

I must say today has been a wonderful day. A new day. A new look at life. Well, I have been working on this look at life for sometime but I am now to the refining stages. Soon very soon my new me will be complete. Like a fine wine, getting better with age. Along with this theme of things new I am taking a new look in the mirror.

I’ve been a bad girl lately when it comes to self-confidence. Mostly to blame are my raging hormones that are trying to figure out their place after baby. Also my weight gain. It’s much easier to be “fat” when there is a baby in your tummy. Hehe…I mean that in the nicest way possible. I love myself. I do. BUT, like many women I have this self-image of what I think I should look  like. More so, I am sure it is the influence of what others think I should like. I know. I know. That is the problem.

SO, I am here to promise myself that I will look in the mirror with a new look. I will see all my beauty as I am. Even if I do not see it I will tell myself what I know. I will tell myself I AM beautiful. Just like releasing my worry over what others think about my steps in life. I will also release their opinions of my image. REMINDER SHANDA…What others think of me IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS! Honestly I was doing great with how I viewed myself before being pregnant. Isn’t it awful what society has done to the beauty of our souls. Gain a little bit of weight. A few more stretch marks. Bring life into the world. Get rewarded with guilt and judgement from our peers, from our very own minds. Oh well! I don’t have to listen or care. After all the only opinion that matters when it comes to me is ME. Even then I shouldn’t have an “opinion” about myself.  Only a knowing that I am exactly as source energy intended for me to be. BEAUTIFUL! I have already proven to myself that when I choose this train of thought my body will follow. So here’s to a “new” me. Cheers!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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