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Where I am…

I borrowed this from a friends FB page. It fits perfectly. What a great way to LIVE!

If you asked any of my friends today what I am like many would say I am a free spirit. I only know this because many of them express to me how they wish they could be more of a free spirit, as I am. Little do they know deep inside my virgo mind I am constantly analyzing. Constantly worrying on the dreaded hows. How will I reach my goals. How will I become all that I desire. HOW! At the same time I would say compared to most I am a free spirit. Have I also mentioned I am quite the conundrum. LOL. I have learned to control my thoughts and worry regarding debt, my family, life in general. BUT, when it comes to solely myself and the things I am doing with my life I tend to be very hard and judgemental. Mostly this is probably because I have not weeded out my upbringing. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate what my family taught me. Most of it. They are the run of the mill by the book family. If you don’t go to college and gain success that way then you are not successful.

Now, I know this just isn’t true. Still I hear them in the back of my head criticizing my every move. Yet I need be reminded that what others think of me is NONE of my business! Arghh…see my dilemma. I know what is wrong in my thoughts. I know how they can affect me. Yet still they are there from time to time. I needn’t be too hard on myself though. I have come leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time. I just need to start meditating more. I need to learn to live in a meditative state. Step one: do not react. I have learned to no longer get angry, at anything. It’s true I have. I still from time to time feel myself getting agitated but I quickly gain control of that emotion and release it. Step two: learn to always live in every moment. Stop worrying over what will come. Because that will only ensure that what you worry over will come.

“Where you are NOW, IS the destination” ~ Deepak Chopra

 Last night I received a message I needed. I was watching my recording of Super Soul Sunday and the guest was Deepak Chopra. Of the hour-long recording this is the message I gained. This is what I needed to hear. “Where I am now, IS the destination.”  I could not even begin to tell you what the rest of the show was about. This small segment. This was for me. I can proudly say that I have learned to no longer live in the past. For it is no longer here and can never be here. I do enjoy my present. I live joyously each day. What I have not yet fully learned is to stop worrying over the future. This isn’t something I do everyday. Occasionally however doubts/worry do appear. Silly me…I know better. Why worry over something that is not here and probably never will be. Unless of course you keep thinking about it and bring it to you. =0/ We are funny creatures of habit. The good thing is we can change any habit and can ALWAYS learn new ones.

My new habit is to live in EVERY moment. Enjoy all that surrounds my daily life. Each day bringing new knowledge. New adventures. Why limit myself. My human mind may think plan A is the best. When God. The Universe. Could have plan B-Z which I couldn’t even dream up, yet it’s much better for me. Or I could be focusing so intently on Plan A that I miss all the other adventures source energy had in store for me. I have been working on this habit for sometime but with each time I focus my intent on weeding out worry I get closer and closer to living in a meditative state fully.

For me: Shanda you are exactly where you need to be always! You know the answers. You are wise beyond your years. Remember if these few things that you blog about are all of your “problems” then you really have no problems. Your life is beautiful. So are you! Love yourself as you are. All you are. Care not what others say. Care not what they achieve. Be you. Joy will follow. You are joy. You are here to learn. Not through books alone but through life. Through experiences. Enjoy the ride you are on. For this vessel is just for you, here and now. Continue on your path with no particular place to go and you will touch many. You will change lives. Touch souls. Your goals are already in motion and as far as the universe is concerned already met. You got this baby! Now go out and just keep doin you!

Fly free spirit FLY!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda

I took this picture at one of our family outings to the St. Louis Zoo. Seal is reminding me to enjoy every moment!


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