A message from my guides · Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

A good spring cleaning…

Expand. Grow. Into the beautiful soul you are. Love. Share. Step into the light. Expansion is key.

Last night rabbit came to me in my sleep. For those who care to learn more about animal medicine check out my favorite site (the link is for what the rabbit teaches) there are other great articles on this site so do explore!


It is very fitting what rabbit had to tell me. Yesterday I talked about my comparing myself and the fears I still  had about where I was going in life. Rabbit appeared to me in my dreams to remind me that our thoughts do become things and that I needed to learn to release whatever fears I was harboring at this time.  However, I am very aware of this and it is what I was telling myself in my blog post yesterday. In the article about rabbit teaching there was one section that struck a chord with me and this is what it was really trying to tell  me…

Rabbits are vegetarians. Though they are eating, they are always alert. They eat the inner bark of saplings and shrubs as well as leaves and fruit, giving a perfect illustration of Nature’s balance. Their rapid rate of reproduction is balanced out by the fact that almost every predatory animal eats them. This power animal may be asking you to examine the kinds of foods you eat. Perhaps a vegetarian diet, only for a short time, can help you strengthen and heal.

Ok I admit it! I have been a junk mouth lately. Sugar is my kryptonite!! During pregnancy I did so well I craved healthy. But it seems like as soon as my son Khai came out hormones were raging and sugar, well, I couldn’t get enough! I know. I know. It’s bad. Especially because it is processed sugar.  I guess it is time for me to do some self spring cleaning. I know it is needed for me to get a good start in continuing my shaman path. How can I travel to places not of this Earth if I am grounded and heavy by all the sludge I am putting into my mouth. I know better. I do. So here is to paying attention to what goes down the hatch. Not saying that I won’t indulge every now and again but if you indulge every day then it seems it is more an addiction. Besides everyone needs a good detox now and again…shaman or not! I am listening! See how source energy, God, the Universe will send you messages. I love it! Never ceases to amaze me. If I get this much information sent my way when I am “heavy” and full of crud I can only imagine what will come when my body is “lighter”. It may be too much to handle. That’s ok I like a wild ride! So looks like starting Monday I will be doing some cleansing. I know I could start today but I feel like starting the week off fresh. No pun intended..hehe. I think I will start  a two-week moderate cleanse (definitely no sugar). Since breastfeeding and being an O blood type I am not quite ready to cut out protein (meat) and go all raw quite yet. I am sure my baby will be happy mommy will be making super milk! My body will thank me even more =0) my guides will be happy! They’ll be screaming “YAY Shanda it’s so much easier to communicate with you!”

Well it’s time to close the store so I am going to go home and enjoy my beautiful family. God blessed us with much needed rain. Guess he had some cleansing to do as well. But now the sun is shinning and it looks like it is going to be gorgeous day. Happy weekend everyone! Here’s to eating like a rabbit!

Peace, Love & Mahalo

❤ Shanda


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