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I’m dancing back in…

I have many ways that our Creator gets his messages to me. I have always had a strong connection with Gods beautiful creatures. Here is a picture I took of one of the many animal guides I am blessed to know.

SO, I have been slightly out of my vortex lately. Don’t get me wrong I have been in a wonderful place. Enjoying my beautiful family. Soaking up the beautiful spring weather we are having. BUT, none the less I could feel myself working slightly out of the vortex ( for those that may be confused about what I am saying here check out): Jerry & Esther Hicks the teachings of Abraham,


I also would recommend checking out some of their other post. More than likely which ever you chose will probably have a message you needed to hear, one that will resonate with you. I love Esther Hicks and the teaching of Abraham. It really is quite amazing and her voice is so soothing, to me…ANYWHO…actually you know what, I am correcting myself. I have been in my vortex. My attitude towards life is better than ever. I have everything I could possibly need right now in life. I LOVE my life. However, I am still human.

For the past few days the first few sentences of this post had been saved in my drafts, unsure of where to go with my train of thought. The reason for me thinking I had not been in my vortex was because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to obtain my goals. Like many of us humans do I have a tendency to compare my life, my success, with those around me. I know we all have had thoughts like:

“They have their business off the ground”, “Look at where they are in life”, “Ugh I feel like I should be doing more with mine” and so on and so forth.

Most of these thoughts were occurring because honestly I am being hard on myself for not having my studio in the works or up and going by now. Psht…who cares! I was also reminded by my guides that I should enjoy my babies right now. After all I will only be 44 years young when they are all grown and potentially moved on. I have many years to work work work…if that is what I desire. So why I am I in such a hurry? Society, that’s why! Yet the path I have chosen in my life is one that does not conform to society at all. Most people don’t even recognize the work of a shaman, light worker, energy worker. Of course I am going to still work. I am just not going to work more because “John and Sue” are. MY life is exactly where it needs to be. I just needed the reminder.

Little do we stop to realize that somewhere in the world someone is looking at me and my life and thinking the exact same thoughts…wish I could be more like her. Which we shouldn’t be doing! As I thought about where to take this post. Thought about why I felt like I was out of my vortex it dawned on me that just because my timeline does not match or measure up to those around me doesn’t make me a failure. My guides also took the time to remind me that I just had a baby and I have LOTS to treasure and measure myself as successful. Besides, what is being successful? It will vary from each person to the next. Only we can truly decide if we are a success. We definitely should not measure success based on the standards that society has brain washed us into believing. Which is exactly what I was doing. Damn “the man” for making me think anything less of my successes thus far. I have a beautiful family. A cozy home that is mine. A wonderful job that allows me to do as I please, always. I have fantastic friends. Wonderful neighbors. I am living to be me! I have my own business (my net worth at this time is of no importance) just the fact that I have it and it is mine. I have grown  spiritually and physically in my 26 short years of life. I have learned more about myself and about life then some people ever get the chance of realizing while on Earth. I am actually doing what I love each and every day.

SO, here I am reminding myself that I must stop comparing myself to anyone! I can never be them. They can never be me. I am going to take this time to enjoy life. Actually, I am going to enjoy  my whole life. I really am working on knocking down the chains of society, worrying and conforming to the “norm” whatever that so happens to be. I am successful! I have brought 3 beautiful souls into the world. I have transformed myself into the beautiful soul I am. I touch the lives of many in my line of work. Where exactly am I not successful? Thanks guides I get the message =0) and I appreciate you!

Since my pregnancy hiatus I am back on my learning path of the shaman ways. I am excited for what our Creator has in store for me. I look forward to sharing with you my path of lightness and awakening my higher self even further. For those who wish to dive deeper into the universe and its teachings please explore the link I posted and a few of their other post. I almost guarantee the message you are given will amaze you. If you feel compelled to click on one of their links PLEASE do! I promise there is a message there for you. Even if you don’t realize it or aren’t open to it at this time. The funny thing about God is that you don’t have to know the message you are receiving right off-hand, whether you realize it or not, what he needed to get through, WILL! Ahhhh what a beautiful thing!

To think at 26 I am privileged to “see” a glimpse into the magic of our universe. I have been given wisdom beyond my years. I AM on MY Path! Exactly where I need to be at all times. If those around me do not approve, that is fine. If they do not understand, I don’t need them to, to know it is right. We are all unique. We are all made in his image so who are we to say he did wrong. If we all “worked” a little more to tap into who we truly are. Tapped into our true souls desires,what society thought would not matter one bit. Again, thank you angels and guides for reminding me I am a spiritual entity on a human journey. So…SHANDA STOP FRETTING over what your human mind says is right…and LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL! I’ve never been one to listen to what others tell me to do…so why start now? LOL.

Have a beautiful day. Thanks for reading. Or perhaps you were led to read this because you too needed the message. Either way what a beautiful thing! You are beautiful! BELIEVE IT!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda



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