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Life is beautiful

                                  Everyone meet my beautiful baby boy Khai. A wonderful reminder to how beautiful life truly is. Daddy and I couldn’t be more proud.

Aloha everyone! It has been one month since my last post. Yesterday I sat down at my laptop and began to write a post with the title, Life is beautiful. I wrote it, attached my picture at the end as I always do, and hit publish. When I went to re-read it, there was no post. Turns out the message that came through was for me. SO, here I am today giving it another go.

The last 30 days have been wonderful. My big girl recently turned 8, I got to enjoy my last few weeks of pregnancy doing whatever I wanted thanks to my fabulous husband, and gave birth to my son Khai. I was blessed to be able to do it all natural, no pain meds, so he could be alert entering the world. It’s a wonderous thing to experience Gods work at hand. To experience his grand design first hand. This Thursday my middle baby turns 4! Eric and I have many things to be happy about when spring hits. A beautiful reminder of 3 baby blessings, the spring rain, the flower and trees beginning to bud/bloom. God’s beauty surrounds us.

God’s Creations are my favorite things! His beauty feeds my soul. The trees. Flowers. Wild life. Us. I am on a mission to enhance my spirituality. To show even more respect for Mother Earth. I’m making a list and slowly but surely I am changing my ways. Positive attitude and look on life. Check! Converting my home to one that is more conscientious about the products we use, the impact on the earth, caring about our carbon foot print! I already purchase all natural products, minus a few things I have not converted yet, but I am signing up with Melaleuca so we are going all natural with everything. I hadn’t yet changed our detergent. The bonus..I get to make money at using a safe product for my family ( you can drink this stuff) , more cost-effective , was a green company before going green was in product! Thanks positive attitude! It’s a win-win!! We are going to start recycling. Once, I get back to work full-time we are buying a worm farm. My flowers are going to love me…mmm.. worm juice. Plus I’ll have happy worms eating all my thrown out food and paper products. MMm…Happy Mommy! Once Khai is just a tad bit older this family is going to get out into nature more and soak up all those good negative ions. Step away from technology. Away from the too many positive ions we get everyday. Ahhhh Life is beautiful.

Don’t take for granted the life that we have. I’m not saying everyone should go all out like this but what does it hurt to change one thing that makes a difference. It doesn’t always have to be to make a difference to the world. Start with making a difference for yourself. We all deserve beautiful lives. We all HAVE beautiful lives. It all depends on how you perceive the world whether you are open to view the beauty that is before you. From experience however, once you begin to change the urge to make a difference in more ways than one becomes inevitable. Looking forward to sharing my worm farm experience! I really am excited about getting it. Hey! It’s the little things! =0)

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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