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Where does the time go?

Man OH Man! Where does the time go? It’s funny as children we hear our parents say things like just wait till you have kids…you grow so fast. In a blink of an eye they will all be grown up. We think geesh yeah right mom/dad life takes forever. I’ve been in school for like FOREVER. Then we grow up and replay all the things mom and dad used to tell us and think geesh they were right. Huh? Who’da thunk it! LOL…and they tell you, you will one day realize that they were in fact right as well. Argghhh…no way! But indeed…YES WAY! Mommy & daddy know best…well if you have good parents that is. I mean that in the best way possible. :0/

It would be nice if they weren’t always right…especially about your babies growing SO fast! I am happy my big girl is getting bigger and enjoying life but it brings a tear to mommy’s eye that it really has gone by quickly. Tomorrow my oldest turns 8! EIGHT! I just can’t believe it. It really does seem like yesterday that I was welcoming her to the world. I have the point that my parents told me I would. They said ” Just you wait one day you will look back and see that everything we told you was right, that we weren’t crazy…and then you will know you yourself are all grown up!” LOL…I am definitely growing up but I don’t know that I will ever be ALL grown up. HAHA. Ok enough of the sappy mommy reflection time.

I am blessed! I am grateful my beautiful baby is growing up to be the wonderful little girl she is. We are having a Purple Bieber Bash tomorrow for her. She is a crazy little girl in awww of Justin Bieber. I never realized how hard it was to plan purple themed foods. Mommy did some “research” to find out Mr. Bieber’s fave things so we will have lots of purple. Luck has it his fave fruits are bananas & grapes so we will have the purple in the grapes and bananas with stickers on them that say “Bananas 4 Bieber” LOL, making some purple punch, playing musical chairs and giving away purple prizes, candy, and sour patch kids…apparently his fave candy! I am sure she will think its perfect! Now he just needs to go back on tour so I can take her to her first concert. After all she has to follow mommy’s footsteps and love for live music! Well, music in general! At least I hope she does. I know my youngest daughter will. She is a mover and a groover!

After this weekend I am done obligating myself to things I have to do! No more until Mr. Khai gets here! *fingers crossed* I have a hard time saying no to friends and family! Life is great though! It’s been repetitive in post lately…BUT…enjoy it. because it really is short in the big scheme of things. It really is crazy how “time flys” and if you aren’t enjoying every minute of it you will look back and think WHOA what have I been doing? Where did the time go? My babies are all grown up! (If you have them) Do lots with your kids. Make memories with your loved ones. I was always fortunate to have a family that did all sorts of things and the memories I have from my younger years are truly magical! Those special moments always stick out far more than the bad times. Even something as simple as going to the park on the weekends, just spend time together! You never know when the time spent on Earth doing all these human things will be no more. Sure we will still see one another when we leave this place…but I have a feeling things like the park, ice cream, concerts, playing in the mud, those things will be greatly missed. So LIVE IT UP! I am very much looking forward to this summer. The Kloster Clan has lots of fun in store!

Life IS good! Life IS beautiful! Happy Birthday to the prettiest 8 year old I know! Mommy & Daddy are blessed to have you in our life!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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