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Friendly reminder

Today I don’t have a lot for you. I stole this from a friends page on FB because it was a friendly reminder that I loved hearing. Isn’t it sooo true?! When you transform yourself the good you are able to do, or that comes through is outstanding! I know I have not been posting like I said I would but life has been very busy. I have been doing all sorts of things. Preparing for baby. PTSG planning committee, helping watch the store till my family members life gets back to normal, helping a very close friend “family” member through a hard time, birthday parties like crazy, it seems the list could go on and on right now. I am definitely not complaining however. I am grateful that I have the ability to help those dear to me! It’s just being 36 weeks pregnant I think my body wants me to slow down and prepare for labor. It’s all good though. I got this! I also have a WONDERFUL support team aka my husband who has been helping me with everything he can. I love you sweety! Thank you for everything you do for me and doing everything you can to make my life, our life, much more pleasant! It’s nice that he has a job that allows him to be off in the winter. Some look at it as he is laid of for the winter. I look at it as he has time to spend with his family and gets to go back to the grind in the spring! I think it is rather nice.

We all need break times in life. We all deserve break times in life. Besides life is about enjoying the things we have. Enjoying our “work”. Enjoying the moments we have with loved ones. Just ENJOY! If  you aren’t enjoying things then perhaps Mr. Lao Tzu is speaking to you! The world of difference a life transformation can make is truly remarkable. The person I was 5-6 years ago to now…seeing the comaprison..I would never go back! We truly can change everything in our life if we start with-in. Trust me I know. I was a person who lived in fear. In guilt. In anger. And my life showed it. It was a whirlwind of nasty most of the time. Until I figured out it wasn’t the people, places, or things that I was surrounded by. It was me! When I began chipping off the things I did not desire in my life. Everything literally seemed to fall into place. Now, I can say my life really is perfect. Perfect for me anyway!

Read the photo again to yourself. Let it resonate with in every fiber of your being. The man Mr. Lao Tzu was very wise. It is so true. Experience for yourself what positive transformation can do for you. Don’t just take my word for it. Go out and get you a piece of perfection! A piece of what life truly has to offer. It’s a beautiful world we are living in. Even amongst the chaos we hear about. Remember we create the chaos… things are not always the way they  seem to appear. Go deeper into what this photo is saying and you will see. I did. It’s magical. I wouldn’t go back for a thing! Have a wonderful day! Don’t be afraid. Jump on the transformation train. It’s one heck of a ride!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda



One thought on “Friendly reminder

  1. Omg Shan, I never knew you were expecting a boy. From having my girl, boys are fun too!! The girls will love having a little brother around. Your girls are growing up so fast too. Omg. I cannot believe. You’re having another baby. Did I say congrats yet? Nope! Congrats babes. I know you’ve been bz. I hope we catch up someday soon. Love you. Kiss & hug the girlies for me. And hey, rub the belly for me. Awe I’m excited for you. Congrats again!!

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