Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Is it March yet?!?!

OK so I know this baby has to “bake” for as long as possible…but it’s happened…I am getting to the antsy impatient stage of pregnancy. I want to hold him already! I would rather it be him actually keeping me up at night, rather him pushing on my bladder causing me to wake every 30 minutes to pee! Only a slight exaggeration! By the time I lull myself back to sleep it’s about a 30 minute interval. LOL Oh the joys of being pregnant! However, I don’t need to just complain because Khai has been very good to me. I haven’t ballooned up and gained a ton of weight. All the weight I have gained is concentrated to the belly area and him. I have had a decent amount of energy…at least enough to go to work every day and get the things I need to done. I am just SOO ready to meet the lil’ guy!

 His reggae inspired nursery is coming together and it is going to be CUTE CUTE! I’ll be sure to post pictures when complete! Ahhhh, sigh, at least I only have a few more weeks realistically. I had both my girls at around 37 weeks so I doubt I would hold this little guy the whole 40. I’ll be 35 weeks tomorrow which is why I am sure I am getting antsier by the day! One never really knows though, because it is true, EVERY pregnancy is very different. I know one thing I will be putting the wives tale to test that if you have bad heartburn your baby has a ton of hair…this kid better come out with head full!

Miliani my youngest daughter is finally excited about baby brother. I think seeing his crib put up and nursery coming together is making it real for her. Up until about 2 weeks ago she insisted a baby Nona was in there and she wouldn’t take anything but a sister! But now she can’t wait to meet baby Khai. Every day she kisses my belly and tells him she loves him then continues to remind me that he likes it a lot when she does that. They are going to be best friends! I am sure she will be the big sister to dress him up and train him in the art of wearing heels..haha. Kiana my oldest is to the age that she is excited to be the nurturer and help take care of  him. I am glad I have 4 years between them all. I think it’s a good span. On another positive note..I did it! I always said my whole life I would not have children past 27. I’ll be 27 in September! So remember your thoughts really do become things! Woo Hoo for that! I won’t be an “old” parent! I’ll still be spry enough to enjoy my grand babies! Not that I plan on EVER getting old!

Well that is all I have for today. I was a bad girl and it has been a little bit since my last post. I’ll just blame my growing belly and tired mind..haha. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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