Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Feel good..declutter!


Phew! I have been one busy lil’ nesting mama! It sure does feel good to declutter your home but I did some extreme decluttering yesterday and I am pooped. My poor abdomen I thought I was working them hard carrying this baby around but you don’t realize how much you use them till, well you use them HAHA. I am almost done though and prepping for the arrival of my son…EEEEKKKK I just can’t wait to hold him in my arms. Daddy and I are extremely curious as to how our lil’ man will look. We already have two beautiful girls so I am sure my son will be handsome as ever! I just hope he has my dark skin…which in inevitable with the philipino in me but I hope he has dad’s light eyes like Miliani got. Whatever I get though I will be HAPPY! Healthy is all I really ask for. I’m so glad we have been blessed with this beautiful 50-55* weather for January in Missouri. It has allowed me to get so much done. I really want to tackle our garage next and get it ready for spring/summer BBQ’s. Plus just freeing the space and getting all the junk I haven’t seen in a year or two out!

It’s amazing how freeing clearing up the spaces in your home does for the body/soul! I didn’t do any Feung Shui type things but the fact of decluttering alone allows for positive energy to move through your home. Through you! It’s so lovely to be able to sit on the couch and enjoy a movie knowing the house is clean and in order. I am not as OCD as my parents are, but when I get into it, I GET INTO IT! Now to just maintain all the work I did yesterday. I still allow my family to live..afterall we don’t live in a museum. On the weekends however we tidy up what is needed so the rest of our work/school week is enjoyable/managable. Makes life so much simpler. Glad my parents taught me that if you clean as you go things don’t pile up…although I am a stasher. But I like to organize. LOL I’m just a finicky little soul really! Now that I have my own family though I see and hear all the things mom and dad used to lecture me about. Funny how that is! Mom & Dad are USUALLY right. Not always though! =0)

Well for today it is going to be a short post. I just didn’t want to go any further with out writing something. But like I said this Mama’s brain & body just need a break. Oh…my family member who had some minor complications is doing wonderful! A full recovery is on its way! So..Thank You! Thank YOu again God! Thank you for everything Universe! My beautiful home. My growing & healthy family! For the life I am living! For showing me that when you live life positivly..NOTHING can get in your way! Have a wonderful day all!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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