Pondering Thoughts

Sending out some love

Today this post is for a special someone in my life…you know who you are. This family member of mine was recently admitted to the hospital for some minor complications. All is wonderful and a full recovery is on it’s way! Thank goodness. Thank you creator for keeping an eye on my loved ones! I know this person who is very dear to me reads my blogs so I am writing this for you. Please do not be upset or worried about me, I am fine. Please do not feel bad that I am writing this post because I am just writing it so you know how much you are loved and how much you mean to this family. I AM NOT WRITING THIS to make you feel bad!!! So don’t feel bad…because I know your mind will lean that way.

One never knows how life will teach us to get out of the ruts we are in. But events that “wake” us up are only half the battle. The rest is up to us. The universe can’t do everything for us. And thoughts only get us so far. I’m the same way as this family member and it takes something drastic usually before I really get fed up and start taking action. At least we are fortunate enough to get the chance to start taking action! There are so many that never get the chance to learn from a mistake. Or the chance to truly change their thoughts and then start backing them up. So for this special person…please start doing the things you desire! It’s so important because we need you here! Besides, I know you aren’t ready to join source energy quite yet..you still have lots to do! You had your break..and I have had mine so it’s time for us to get busy! NOT STRESSED! Just busy! Busy living life. Busy being happy! Busy being loved! We have the good kind of “busy” to achieve. We still have much of life to live. Then when that is complete we can join creator for a whole new adventure! Which is just as exciting but lets not cut this adventure short…OK?! Don’t worry this advice is for me too. I get just as lazy. But, NO MORE! =0) Of course it is still perfectly fine to relax but we can relax while keeping busy…as much of an oxymoron as that may seem. It’s true like the saying if you love what your doing you never have to “work” a day in your life. Me and said person are both artist of sorts…different medians but still crafters none the less. SO get out in your workshop more…and I promise to keep working in mine! Sound like a deal? It better..hehe.

Well I know you have been getting a talking to the past few days and I don’t need to give you more lip. I just wanted to let you know we love you very much. We are very happy that all is ok. Let’s think of a project we can all do soon! I love our family times together! I thank the lord that all is well. I am so happy things were caught in time. I am very thankful no major damage was done!!

Life really is a beautiful thing. As humans we tend to take advantage of that fact until the time approaches where it is too late. I am thankful to come from a family who understands this and chooses not to wait till our final calling before we start living. I am blessed. I am loved. And so are you! It feels good doesn’t it! Don’t be human about everything LOL remember we are spiritual entities on a human journey so our limits really have no bounds if we believe in this. Anything we desire we can truly have. For the rest of all you beautiful souls out there…individuals that I do not have the pleasure of knowing…I love you too! Sometimes we just need to know that we are loved. Sure loving yourself is great. But the love & compassion our souls feel when it comes from another is simply magical. It makes the loving yourself that much easier! I know there are so many in this world that do not feel love. For that I am sorry for you pain. Remember you can give that pain to source energy, God, our Creator, the Univerese at any time. He can handle it all. So even when you feel alone remember you are from it. Sending love to all! As far and wide as my words will reach and beyond. I LOVE YOU!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda~ a beaming light of love!


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