Pondering Thoughts

My wheels are spinning

It’s 6:26 am and I am pretty sure it is safe to say I haven’t been up this early willingly since high school…unless to pee and go back to bed. Come to think of it I don’t think I even woke this early for school! I didn’t go to bed earlier then usual either. Weird. But GOOD. The reason being for it is I just can’t stop thinking. Krystal Fire Arts is truly starting and once I get to thinking about it the wheels just keep spinning and spinning. At the same time though the hours from 2:00 am -5:45 am have been better sleep than I usually get in a full night. Thanks universe! Thanks to my dad I have always been somewhat of an insomniac…due to being raised by a DJ in my early years I stayed up with dad often! More than a little one should I am sure. They were never strict on bed times, even from the start. So, up until recently I have never been much for mornings..a night owl is definitely more me. But it seems things are changing or my little soul is just too excited to sleep! Heck! I can sleep when I am “dead” or gone from this place should I say.

This morning the wheels that were in motion were thinking about the wedding I just booked for October. Thinking of some cool ideas for their engagement session. Also, contacting some people regarding a website for Krystal Fire Arts LLC. I know I could do this on my own but I just have so much to incorporate I am opting out! Besides, other people need work too and for the time being I have plenty to keep my plate full! Before my transformation I would have laid in bed this morning trying to force myself to lull my pretty head back to sleep. Thinking to myself your eyes are getting sleepy…you are falling asleep. Working harder on trying to fall asleep rather than just waking up and writing my blog for the day. Or enjoy a cup of coffee and actually catch the sunrise! I think the only time I ever catch the beautiful awakening of the sun is when we take family trips that require us to wake up early to get to our destination at a reasonable time. LOL. No longer though! Now, I am going to wake and just enjoy myself instead of argue with myself in bed. Oh just think when spring hits I can enjoy my coffee, go outside and gaze upon my bird feeding tower. Actually take in all my little animal guide friends who visit in the morning but I would have no idea because I am staring at my ceiling instead. What an ingenius idea! Why didn’t I think of this sooner. =0) Guess it wasn’t time yet!

Do you ever find yourself “fighting” yourself? Resisting from doing what you know is right but thinking you have a better idea for yourself? Like arguing yourself back to sleep! COL (chuckling out loud) makes me chuckle becaue I have never really looked at it that way until now. Before I just thought to myself  I am soo exhausted why cant I sleep. When in fact my body had gotten enough sleep and really wanted to wake up! Oh perception you funny thing you! Well, I’m off here for now. Going to go make some yummy Kona coffee…mmmm. Enjoy your morning. Enjoy life! Don’t sleep it all away! Live! It feels good ;0p

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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